InLattice Supports ACH Transactions and NACHA File - Integrated with QuickBooks

InLattice ACH for Payment Automation with QuickBooks Support
1. Are you using manual process to receive and deposit customer checks? 2. Do you want to pay your vendors through direct deposit, instead of writing checks? 3. Do you want a simple process to create NACHA file?
InLattice has added new payment processing module to support the following functions. These features facilitate the ACH transactions and you will need to have an ACH account with your Bank.
Process customer's payments through ACH - Customers can view the invoices on the web and authorize ACH payments. This process eliminates receiving and depositing checks to banks or reduces the fees paid for credit card processing.
Pay vendors through Direct Deposit - Similar to payroll, you can use this facility to pay your vendors through direct deposit. This process eliminates writing checks and mailing the same.
Create NACHA file with a click of a button - InLattice allows you to create NACHA file required for banks to process ACH transactions. NACHA file is created based on the banking information and invoice data.
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