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Budgeting Features in Quickbooks
I'm trying to decide between Quickbooks and Microsoft Money for my parents. The single most important feature for me is to help them budget unexpected expenses. If for example they have an unexpected...
12 years ago 4
Cashback Rewards
How do you account for cashback rewards? I got my Amex statement, and in it, they rewarded me with $5.57. Now I'm trying to figure out how to enter that into my register. Any suggestions? grep Credit...
12 years ago 5
Edit Sales Receipt QB2007
By default the "Payment Method" on a sales receipt includes several choices that I will never use, such as American Express. Is there a way to edit these out so the payment method includes only the...
12 years ago 2
Journal Entries for A Sold Property
Hello, I am a new user of QB Pro 2007. We recently sold one of our properties and from the escrow final settlement statement, there were corresponding debit and credit entries that needs to be entered...
12 years ago 1
Cost of Goods Input Accounts Payable Output
Hi All - I'm adding bills as Cost of Goods account type, but after paymnet the are Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable lumps all bills together. I need to separate reports by Cost of Goods from other...
12 years ago 3
VERY upset with QuickBooks
I purchased QB2007 Pro directly from QB for well over $200 - had many problems with installation and spent hours on the phone with their tech support. I noticed in the newspaper Sunday a local and...
12 years ago 9
Reimbursable Expense
Hi Here is the situation. I am reimbursed for transportation costs of $25.00 which is the I invoice the customer for product of 100 and transportation costs of 25. Is there a way to set up the item...
12 years ago 4
Install Problem
Hello, I have have Quickbook Pro 2007. I am trying to install this onto a second computer. I keep getting the following error message - qbw32.exe - Unable To Locate Component "The application has...
12 years ago 1
loan manager
I have transferred my qbw file to a new laptop and now there is nothing in my loan manager. I even tried restoring from the qbb file on my old laptop but still no loan manager. Also how can you...
12 years ago
Free Accomodations how to account for
Hi, Looking for advice on how to account for providing free accommodations. My colleague who owns a bed and breakfast provided free accommodations to a visiting Chef and paid for his airfare and...
12 years ago 42
how do I sell to my self/my company
We sell new and use computer components (mostly new). How do we sell components from inventory to the company itself? Example: we want to build a new computer, for company use, from parts we have in...
12 years ago 3
Restore floppies to new computer not working
Hi, Our old computer harddrive crashed (XP). We had to get a new computer. It has Vista. We have older backup floppies of out .QBB?) files, about 7 disks, it looks like it spans them? We also bought...
12 years ago 6
Cash in Cash out Grant
Hi all, Here is the situation. A non profit organization I do some work for received a grant of $600 to pay a student a weekly stipend of $75 per week for 8 weeks. I want to set this up in QuickBooks...
12 years ago 2
How Show a Loan to Someone?
How can you show a loan you make to someone? Item list, loans receivable (other asset)
12 years ago 1
Presentation Problem
Our non-profit organization has several income sources, each of which entails offsetting expenses. For example, we do certain repair work for vintage radios, the revenues of which are parially offset...
13 years ago