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Aging calculation
I noticed that when I entered an invoice in QB 2006 that I had the invoice date was incorrect. I changed the date of the invoice; however, when I pull a AR aging detail, the aging number is calculated...
13 years ago 6
QB2007 Question/Gripe
The question: Is there any way to get QB2007 to restore my desktop (the windows I like to keep open) after it does a backup? As it is now, when the backup completes, all my windows are closed and I...
13 years ago 8
QB Credit Card reconciliation
Using QB Contractor 2006 If we have a credit card where we made a payment that partially pays a bill from that credit card company, then when I go to reconcile it, I can't get it to balance correctly,...
13 years ago 5
Open files on another mac?
Help! I installed quickbooks 2007 for mac on the office computer for my boss and so far so good. However, my my boss has now used the same disk to install quickbooks on her computer at home and cannot...
13 years ago 2
Non US Tax ID in quickbooks
Hi, I had a project done by a company in india and they send me an invoice with their tax id number. I paid them but then I realized that their TaxID number was in the form of xxxxxx/c/xxxx where c is...
13 years ago 3
Sales orders
Since the transaction was completed, I have deleted some sales orders that were used to make invoices. Will this action affect my inventory for any reason?
13 years ago
Request Assistance
I need to find the best methods to handle the following: If I invoiced a company for a service, and they paid the invoice. It has been discovered that a refund is due back the company. How do I refund...
13 years ago 3
What is the best price I can get on QB Pro?
What is the best price I can get on QB Pro? -- Raoon Kundi, CISSP Identity Architect Zettabrew Inc My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one's country, not to its institutions or its officeholders. -Mark...
13 years ago
7 digit G/L account codes?
I am presently using QBP 2006. Intuit's aftermarket documentation manual indicates that numeric codes for G/L accounts can be seven digits long, but I only see four digits as the example. I can't find...
13 years ago 26
Quickbooks Can't Do This??
We have over 1000 memorized invoices in a single group. They don't update! Each invoice uses the same income item. We are now changing the amount of the income item in the item list. For new entries,...
13 years ago 12
placing credit card entry icon on toolbar
Open the "enter credit card purchases/charge", then go to "View", "enter credit icon bar" Does anyone know how you put the credit card entry icon on the toolbar? Currently I have to...
13 years ago 5
OBDC connection question
I'm trying pull data from the sybase database to sql server 2005 for various reporting and wondering if anyone has experience doing that? I'm trying to create a linked server in sql server 2005 but...
13 years ago
Does QB 2007 trade info with the IRS??? - Got penalty notice from IRS
I have a client who got a penalty notice from the IRS. The notice said that no penalty would actually be billed but the notice indicated that there were several pay periods where the businesses 941...
13 years ago 14
Invoice amount against Sales Order?
Hi, We're currently generating invoices based on T&M items (usually 5-20), and not using Sales Orders. Our Client PO's (that I'd enter as a Sales Order) typically are a few entries long stating higher...
13 years ago
Importing data from file
Is it possible to import data (journal entries) into quickbooks from any kind of data file, e.g., a .csv or "comma-separated variable" file? Where is this written up? I would like to set up a system...
13 years ago 1