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Euro Account - wrong currency
A follow on from an earlier post: I'm trying to reconsile my Euro account but all entries are translated in Sterling. I went it Chart of Accounts and the Euro account's currency is listed as Sterling!...
13 years ago
How Do I Get a Letter Template into QB?
I want to prepare several collection letters offline in MS Word, then upload them to QB so that I can use them with the letters facility. Is that possible? I see a folder with named letters templates...
13 years ago 4
can I generate link via php/mysql to click and qboe will poup prefilled with invoice data?
hello. we keep all our customer info inside our intranet. we use quickbooks online edition. is there any way to create link (from my intranet) that after clicking it will go to our qb online and...
13 years ago 8
Printing partial page of checks and printer problem
I have a problem printing a partial page of checks in Quickbooks 2007 on my new Canon MF3240 laser printer. QB does it's part but the printer reads an error for incorrect paper size loaded. I posted...
13 years ago 7
Online Banking with QB 2007
Hi I am entering banking transactions in quickbooks for a client. Right now everything is done manually from the statement. We want to use online banking and download the transactions right into...
13 years ago 2
No UPS International Shipping?
Hello, I am planning on using QuickBooks. Is it true that international shipping labels cannot be printed from QuickBooks? If so, how do you print your international UPS and FedEx shipping labels?...
13 years ago
Quickbooks Pro 2006 Invoice Reports - include addresses?
I have a customer that we do over one thousand jobs a year for. Each of these jobs is at a different address & there is no repeats of the same address. On a single invoice I might have 30 different...
13 years ago
QB2007 databases on Vista desktop - I want to open folder - HELP!
I had QB2006 and databases on Windows XP and put QB2007 on my laptop with Vista. I installed QB2007 then put the two databases on the laptop desktop BUT I now want to put them in a folder wherever...
13 years ago 1
UPS Shipping Forms in QB 2007 Disappear?
Is anyone else having problems using the UPS Shipping forms in QB 2007 from within an RDP / Terminal Services Session? What I am seeing is that parts of the dialog just do not draw at all and you end...
13 years ago 1
Denying Users Access to Accounts List QB 2007
We installed QB 2007 recently, and overall it seems solid and performs well. How can I deny specific users the ability to bring up the accounts list? That doesn't appear to correspond to the specific...
13 years ago 12
Have to enter bill for petty cash?
Do I have to enter a bill every time I spend a few bucks for something? Is there a way to enter a cash payment without making out a bill? i.e. Post Office or small hardware store purchase. Assuming...
13 years ago 3
advice on buying parts from customers?
I use QB 2005 Pro to keep books in my small repair business. Sometimes I remove serviceable parts which I may be able to use later when repairing equipment. My plan is to credit the customer on the...
13 years ago
Importing Records into QB
I use Big Redconsulting to create an IIf file and this works well but QB will not recognise an Invoice Record as being "Paid" Any advice appreciated IIF files don't have the ability to link Receive...
13 years ago 1
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13 years ago
Clean-up - Condense
I have been using QBP for 16 yrs and every 3 years or so, I would condense the data to make the file size smaller. I have QBP2007 and the new way is Clean up, with 2 options: Remove transactions as of...
13 years ago 1