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Which Premier edition to install?
I'm at a screen that gives me several choices for which version of Premier to install. My situation is manufacturing with direct retail. The choices listed are "manufacturing with wholesale", or...
13 years ago 3
Upgrade Problem with Download
I decided to upgrade to QB2007 Premier. It downloaded most of it, stopped at 99%. Error message now says there is a network connection problem and the download manager won't let me connect. I have no...
13 years ago 2
how do I add customers to a memorized transaction
I have approximately 885 total customers that are billed quarterly. I have set up the different memorized transactions for three different rates that I will need for them, and now I need to know how...
13 years ago 3
Credit Card (Tax Line)
I use QuickBooks Pro 2005. I just got a company credit card. When I choose "New Account" I pick "Credit Card" under "Type". It asks me for "Tax Line" (and already has "B/S-Liabs/Eq.: Other current...
13 years ago 1
Can QB Pro 2006 do small manufacturing?
I have a retail music store and I build a couple of hand made guitars each month. Some of the parts used are taken from inventory and QB Pro 2006 doesn't seem to have a way to handle this. The help...
13 years ago 11
Quickbooks Tasks
I have Quickbooks Premier 2005. Is there a way to set your own reminders (tasks) for jobs. An example would be a reminder to go measure a roof for a construction job for customer ABC. Thanks Not sure...
13 years ago 2
Reconciling Euro account
I'm working in the UK and have just managed to reconcile the sterling account (thanks to everybody that posted answers to my queries). Now just the Euro account to go...I go to reconsile it and the...
13 years ago 1
QuickBooks adn Groove
Has anyone tried to use QuickBooks with Microsoft's Groove?
13 years ago
Online banking and Quickbooks for mac
I am attempting to import all of my biz transactions from online into qb for mac, but I believe I am having a compatability problem. Any help with downloads for mac, it is a qfx file. Thanks! My first...
13 years ago 2
Double Customer Record
Hey There - I am having a glitchy problem with QB Premier 06. I have a duplicate customer name in my customer list. But the duplication did not result in me entering the name twice. It just appeared...
13 years ago 4
Importing journal entries from Excel into QB?
How do I import various journal entries from Excel into QB? I'm a new user to QB, having been on Peachtree, so need some help. Rick Unlike PT, QB does not support importing journal entries. You need a...
13 years ago 1
Adding a report to the icon bar
QB 2005 Pro Some time ago I added links to a couple of reports I use frequently to the Icon Bar. Now I'd like to add another, but I can't seem to recall the process. The Edit dialog seem to list only...
13 years ago 3
Exactly how compatible is QuickBooks 2004 Basic with Windows Vista?
Exactly how compatible is QuickBooks 2004 Basic with Windows Vista? I'm setting up QuickBooks 2004 Basic for a new QuickBooks user, and this user bought QuickBooks 2004 Basic when it was current, and...
13 years ago 4
Altering the e-mail content re sales receipts QB Reg 2006
Guys, I am using QB Regular 2006 and send pdf sales receipts attached to a standard e-mail which carries a message. I now need to alter that e-mail message but cannot find where I do this. I would...
13 years ago
Reconciliation problem
I made a mistake on the last bank statement reconciliation - somehow I didn't enter bank charges. I've gone into the bank register and entered the amount, but the opening balance for the new bank rec...
13 years ago 1