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Memorized reports disappear
System: QB 2006 Premiere Problem: Sent Payroll today, got usual confirmation. Went to print the usual 401(k) memorized report right afterwards. All the memorized reports were gone! Needless to say I'm...
13 years ago
Use Tax?
I bought something from one of my suppliers, for business use. He neglected to charge me sales tax on it, and said I should just put it in as Use Tax. How do I do that? Enter the use tax on your...
13 years ago 4
Double Entered Invoice
I'm a new quickbooks user, but this seems like something that shouldn't be troubling. I have created invoices, and began to recieve payments for them, but how I am entering them appears to make them...
13 years ago 19
Is there a way to export files from Enterprise edition so that other versions of QB can open them?
I have company files in enterprise edition. I need to open them with premier edition. 2007 both. THanks Enterprise files can't be opened with Pro or Premier. You can transfer data from the Enterprise...
13 years ago 1
Latest Gripe from Infoworld about Intuit
Article is incorrect. Intuit has made these types of changes in patches since 1999. My take is who gives a shit? Allan says if you process payroll in QB then subscribe to the payroll service. End of...
13 years ago 3
Timer: how to see start/end times?
Hi guys, is it possible to view the start and finish times of jobs, either within Timer, or else from within QB 2004, once the data has been imported from Timer? Currently I can only see the duration....
13 years ago
Personal Funds Account
I have a personal funds account where I record a purchase of a business expense that I paid with personal funds. I would like to know, from those of you that have a similar account, do you reconcile...
13 years ago 12
Advantages to covert from Peachtree Complete Accounting
I am seriously considering converting from Peachtree Complete Accounting to Quickbooks Pro for my small church. I have only been using the GL, Reports, and Payroll modules in the past, but plan on...
13 years ago 3
How do I open the same company on multiple PCs?
Hello, I installed QB 2007 premeier accountant on several PCs on a network. They can all open up QB simultaneously however when I want two people to work on the same company simultaneously it gives an...
13 years ago 4
Invoiced by Month - How can I create this report?
I would like to see a listing of how much we have billed (invoices/sales receipts), with a breakdown of month - or even week. What I want is very similar to the A/R aging report, with the ability to...
13 years ago 5
Processing Partial Payments
QB Pro 2005 - I have an insurance policy with an annual premium of $1,000, payable in four equal quarterly installments of $250. I could post the full premium as a payable. But then, how would I...
13 years ago 1
Credit Cards
I setup an expense account named Merchant Discount Expense. Doing it one transaction at a time is a real pain. After a few months of doing it this way, I asked them to deposit the full amount and bill...
13 years ago 6
Getting Rid of Account in Bill Entry Screen
I am entering bills for a new client and with this one particular vendor only an incorrect account comes up in the "Expenses/Account" column. The correct account (Food Purchases) is on the first line,...
13 years ago 3
TAX and NI contributions
How/where do I record Tax & NI contributions on QB? (I'm in the UK) peter Dr Gross Salaries Dr Employer's NIC Cr Net Wages Cr PAYE & NIC
13 years ago 1
Any alternative for quickbooks
We are small team of small business, I am looking for some alternative package to quickbooks, I cannot pay for quickbooks CD, looking for alternative package. Thannks in advance. new to business,...
13 years ago 18