Exactly how compatible is QuickBooks 2004 Basic with Windows Vista?

Exactly how compatible is QuickBooks 2004 Basic with Windows Vista?
I'm setting up QuickBooks 2004 Basic for a new QuickBooks user, and this
user bought QuickBooks 2004 Basic when it was current, and is just now
getting around to setting it up and attempting to use it. I know that
QuickBooks 2007 Basic can be bought fairly cheaply, but I'd still rather use
the copy of QuickBooks 2004 Basic that they bought back in 2003 or 2004 if
at all possible, especially since the possibility exists that they may not
like it and decide to use something else, may never learn how to use it,
I know (actually I assume) that the user account I have set up in Vista
needs to have full administrator privileges.
Do I need to tell Vista to run the QuickBooks EXE in Windows XP
compatibility mode?
Is there anything else I need to do to get QB to run properly?
Am I wasting my time and their time as well, and should I insist they
upgrade to a current version of QB? Like I said, I'd much prefer to use
what I have, especially if there is a known workaround that I can easily
implement prior to turning it over to my client.
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Bill Evans
The cheapest, easiest, and most trouble-free solution is to continue running QB on the current machine. Next-best choice would be an XP machine dedicated to QB.
As a Micros~1 stockholder, I'd prefer you buy another copy of Vista, but, hey, I have your best interests in mind.
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I think installing Quickbooks 2004 will a total waste of your time. Vista uses a different method of registry structure than previous Microsoft OS'es. Intuit is definitely not going to put out a patch since QB2004 is due to be sunsetted, if it has not already.
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"Bill Evans":
If you don't intend to use any of the features that require additional fees and get sunsetted, like payroll etc., then you can get QB2004 working on Vista. However you will spend a substantial amount of time setting registry and file permissions.
If you intend to stick with QB, then it would be better to start with QB2007 on Vista.
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