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I have upgraded my Vista machine to Windows 7 Home Premium and have had only minor problems (HP Scanner would only do slides until HP provided a patch that enabled the software to work properly). I have a number of Intuit products that seem to work properly. That includes QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2008. Both the OS and QB are 32 bit versions.
A friend just bought a full boogie HP that came with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. She has tried repeatedly to install her version of QuickBooks Professional 2008 (32 bit) and it keeps refusing to install. Microsoft says that QB2008 (all versions) is compatible. The Intuit website gives no indication that it is not compatible. The Intuit User Forum gave her an answer (by an apparent Intuit shill) that no versions other than the 2010 versions will install and work.
Does anyone here have a work around. Is the guy on the User Forum a shill?
Kent Finnell
From the Music City USA
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I don't know if guy on the user forum is a shill but Intuit's "official" stance is they will only support 2010 on windows 7. Does that mean that no other version will install? No. Is this Intuit's way of forcing folks to upgrade? Maybe.
As for installing older QB on 64 bit win 7...well that seems to be the problem. I have read that this is not just a QB problem but lots of older software will not run on 64-bit win 7.
As for a workaround you might look here for help with win7:
formatting link
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It may be as simple as installing in Vista or XP compatibility mode.
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My understanding is that QB2008 and QB2009 may or may not work completely correctly on Windows 7 (32 bit). I think some people have experienced some isolated issues, mostly around printing and pdf functions. And, Intuit's somewhat cryptic position is that they just can't offer any support for QB2009 or earlier versions on Windows 7 -- meaning you may or may not have a problem, but if you do, don't ask us about it.
My understanding is also that Windows 7 Pro 64 bit will not work with QB2008 or QB2009 (I don't know about QB2010). But, Windows 7 64 bit has a virtual computer or compatibility mode that will allow you to run any software that will run on Vista or Windows XP. So with Windows 7 64 bit, that is the workaround.
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Until a few weeks ago, I successfully ran QB Pro 2007 on Win7 64 bit. Have you tried running setup in compatibility mode for Vista (or any other compat modes)? If that doesn't work, you could also try running setup as an administrator. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get it to install. Another variation in my install that may have made a difference is that I install my apps to a different drive rather than the Program Files directory.
I also ran QB Update before opening any files. I did have issues trying to print to pdf. Not a real problem for me, though. Restart your machine after (if) the install succeeds.
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Mikel Sunova

Yes the guy is a shill. If you do not have to support clients on your older (2008) version of QB then upgrade to a version that is certified and supported by Intuit to run in Windows 7.
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Haskel LaPort

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