HEY! Quickbooks 2004 worked!

This is an odd question. A few years ago, one of my clients upgraded to a
Windows 7 64-bit Professional PC. She still uses QBW2004, so we installed
it on her new machine and got an error message. QBW2004 wouldn't even open.
(don't remember the error message unfortunately) After fooling around with
it, the IT guy was able to make QBW2004 work somehow (XP mode perhaps?).
Anyway, i just got a Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium PC and figured i would
have the same problem but i decided to try to install QBW2004 on the new PC
anyway. IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. No errors, no problems. Yet, when i search
the net, it tells me that QBW2004 is not compabible with Windows 7. So,
here's my odd question. Why DON'T i have a problem? Seems silly to ask why
something isn't broken but things have to make sense for me. Any ideas?
BTW, before i get any complaints about using the old version, i have used
every version of QBW from 5.0 to 2011. I have clients that use different
versions and, in my experience, 2004 is VASTLY superior to the newer
versions. (this is assuming you're not trying to use the QBW payroll system
which forces you to upgrade). 2004 is more stable, more reliable and much
faster than the newer versions. Also, i don't know anyone who uses all the
bells and whistles that Intuit has decided to put on the new versions which
slow it down. 2004 doesn't look as pretty but as far as getting work done
quickly and efficiently, it is definitely the superior version IMHO.
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