Quicken and Windows 7 (64-bit): won't show Open File dialog

I installed Windows 7 (64-bit) last Thursday (Oct. 22, the day it was released).
First I installed Quicken 2008, the version I owned and have been using on Windows XP. No problems with the installation. When I tried to open a Quicken data file (either by selecting File/Open from the menu or by responding to the startup wizard by saying that I wanted to open a file) the Open File dialog never appeared. Quicken hung for a while, then crashed ("Quicken has encountered a problem...").
I thought that maybe there was a compatibility problem with Quicken 2008 and Windows 7 (64-bit), so I purchased Quicken 2010. The results were the same: no problems during installation, but Quicken hangs up and crashes before displaying the "Open File" dialog.
I saw on a forum that one other user had this problem back in January (with a beta version of Window 7), but there was no contact info for the user and no response to my posting in response.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Michael Bate
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Michael Bate

Hi, Michael.
Win7 is "not your father's WinXP" - to paraphrase the Oldsmobile commercial. :^}
I've never been a whiz with permissions and such, and it's been over 3 years since I migrated from WinXP - first to Vista and then to Win7 pre-beta a year ago tomorrow. But I suspect this is where your problem is. Even if you are the same person using the same username in Win7, the computer might not recognize that you have permission to see that folder and those files. You may need to take ownership of the folder in your new Win7 User account.
Where is your QDF file? Is it in a folder that YOU have access to? By emphasizing YOU, I mean your Win7 User account. Have you tried to browse to that folder and access the files there? If you browse to your QDF file and click (or double-click) on it, does it start Quicken with your data file loaded?
I did have problems installing Quicken in Vista betas, but that was in 2005. By the time Vista "went Gold" in 2006, those problems were pretty well behind us. There have been many successful and uneventful Quicken installations on Vista and Win7 since then, and few problems reported.
But your problem, of course, is not with the installation itself, but with access to your data afterwards. I suspect that the problem is in User accounts and permissions. And, by the way, Win7 handles these matters much more smoothly than Vista. I had no problem installing Q2010 Deluxe in Win7 Ultimate x64 RTM. At the final Setup screen, I did not choose to Start Quicken now, but exited Setup. Then I browsed to my QDF file, clicked it, and Q2010 started with my data loaded. But I was not migrating from a WinXP User account.
R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
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R. C. White

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: I had the same problem. Turn off User Account Control. Both the recommended setting and the setting above that cause the problem.
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