Quicken 2000 UK on Window 10 and 7 won't open files

I have Quicken 2000 UK installed on my desktop under Windows 10 and on my l
aptop under Windows 7.
I have my quicken data files (QDF, QSD, QDT and QEL) in appropriate folders
on each machine and I have Quicken set up to make backups in a folder on m
y P Cloud Drive which I can access from both machines. This way I can acces
s up to date versions on either machine.
Suddenly, the backup files won't open on my laptop. When I try to open the
appropriate QDF file I get a message saying "Can't open file" followed by "
Unable to open selected file".
Now I can't open the QDF file in it's original location on the desktop (sam
e error messages). Eventually I copied the working files from the laptop to
a USB stick and connected it to my desktop. Quicken could open those files
and I finished my bi-monthly VAT reports in those files. I then copied the
files from the USB stick to my desktop's hard drive (in several different
locations) and Quicken can't open the copies.
I tried backing up the files to various locations on my hard drive and Quic
ken can't open the backups.
I have checked each file's properties and the Archive attribute is unchecke
d and the "File is ready for Archiving" attribute is checked. All the copie
s have the exact same size as the "originals" on the USB stick.
I have removed Quicken from the desktop machine and re-installed it.
Nothing has helped so far. I would be grateful for any advice.
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On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 10:06:51 AM UTC+2, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
esktop as well.
Well, it works, and I'm most grateful to Sherlock for suggesting this fix. I am, however, baffled as to why Quicken should suddenly develop an aversio n to long file names; I've been using them since Windows 95 and I've been u sing the long file name for this particular file for at least 10 years.
Anyone able to assuage my curiosity?
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I suspect the Windows file system changed the way the "long file name" file is presented to Quicken.
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