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Problem: Won't record bank payments
Hi, I'm reconsiling the accounts (for the very first time!) and am coming across all the entries I forgot to record - but that's what reconsiliation is all about. I want to enter wages and so I go to...
13 years ago 2
QB Improvements after 2004
I noticed some big differences between the QB online version and QB 2004, which I still use. I am guessing the online version is similar to 7.0 Pro. 1. Don't see the Other Names list, Vendor Types, or...
13 years ago 5
Form Letters
How do I send a form letter to all customers: 1. by U.S. mail 2. by email Because of the postage increase, we are thinking of sending out all our invoices and statements via email rather than U.S....
13 years ago 3
i use QBOE
i use QBOE,who likes to talk about it with me? i use QBOE,who likes to talk about it with me? Thanks for the info. Is this QB's web enable A/C package? Can you provide some URL's so that I can take a...
13 years ago 2
QB for web based accounting office
Hi, One of my client wants to put as much of his office functions on his company's website as possible. This is so that his employees can work at home or while on the road. A major piece is the...
13 years ago 4
Upgrading from standard to Enterprise question
Hi, we're going to be upgrading our current regulat Quickbooks (5 user lic.) with Enterprise. I was it possible to install the Enterprise on a PC w/o a previous Quickbooks on it, as one...
13 years ago 2
QBP2004 Check Reconciliation with Group Deposits
to another month to a account that requires reconciliation? I may run across this again as I am generating "2006" accounting and financials reports. Thanks
13 years ago
Equity Accounts
Hey, I am setting up a company's file for an S-Corp. There is one shareholder who contributed money, a truck and some heavy-duty equipment. He needs to recover some of this invested capital though. I...
13 years ago 2
Changing retal price from vendor invoice?
When I'm working with "Receive Inventory with Bill" and the cost has changed, QB Pro 2006 asks me if I want to change the cost to the new amount. Most of the time I do want to save the change, and I'd...
13 years ago 3
UPS Shipping labels from Quickbooks
There is a service called "ShipRush" for printing shipping labels from QuickBooks. I assumed that QuickBooks can print shipping labels, on it's own, without this add-on service. Then what is the...
13 years ago 1
How do you print USPS shipping labels from quickbooks?
How do you print US Postal Service shipping labels from QuickBooks? Thanks. Quickbooks prints shipping for FedEx and UPS but not USPS. Print an Invoice or Packing List, fold it, and place in stick-on...
13 years ago 2
Changing an Account Payable via GJE
One of our NPO board members originally submitted a request for reimbursement of an expense he paid. At the time we did the usual, debiting the expense, and crediting the A/P. Following that, we...
13 years ago
QB Pro 1999 to QB 2007 & Vista?
Our old computers are running Windows XP and QB Pro 1999 version. We anticiapte getting new computers with Windows Vista and QB 2007 version. Will our old QB file convert with no problem? TIA Paula...
13 years ago 7
Posting One Check Between Two Customers
I have a check from customer A paying for invoices for customer A and invoices for customer B. I usually use the receive payments window and prepare deposit slips within QB. How do I handle this...
13 years ago 14
sunset policy for payroll
Hi, I am running Quickbooks pro 2005 UK version with payroll. Just tried torenew my payroll subscription and was told that I have to renew the whole programme for the sum of £347.00. So they are...
13 years ago 14