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Job Profitability Report
How do I attach expenses to a Job (or invoice), so I can run the Job Profitability report and get accurate results? Thanks Sorry....I got it.
13 years ago 1
What accounts are affected?
Is there any kind of chart that tells me what accounts are affected (debited or credited) by a given form? For example I know that an Invoice form (I mean the quickbooks form) should debit "Account...
13 years ago 2
Quickbooks Pro Ledger printer problems
I am trying to print a report in ledger format. And there is no option available. We have re-installed the network print drivers but the ledger print option doesn't show up as a option. How do I get...
13 years ago
401K company match contributions
I've tried. Really. But I just can't figure out how to set up the company match to our new 401K 'safe harbor' plan. Our company will match up to 4% of an employee's wages. If the employee selects to...
13 years ago 12
Any Way to Report on Operating Profits Implied by Accounts Receivable?
As a manager watching cash flows and managing against fixed operating costs, what is more interesting to me than a regular Accounts Receivable report would be a report that shows the operating profits...
13 years ago 7
Changing Default Tax Code
Hi, Is there a way to change tax codes on expenses all at once instead of going to the chart of accounts and editing the account? I am using Quickbooks Pro 2007 Thanks in advance
13 years ago
payable and receivable
Hi Folks, I am using quickbooks accounts payable and receivable modules and i wish to know how the various tables in the modules are linked with each other. Can anyone explain to me how these payable...
13 years ago 8
How to make the Invoice No appear in email subject
When emailing invoices, receipts and POs is there a way to make the document number appear in the subject of the email automatically? In Send Forms Preferences, in the body you can have "Dear" or "To"...
13 years ago
Tax Question
On Dominican Republic we have to ways for handling income taxes related to professional services. One of the ways is to submit an invoice to the customer without mentioning Taxes just the charges them...
13 years ago
QuickBooks 2007 won't run
I went to use QB today and for some reason it wouldn't run! Double clicking on the icon did nothing. The last time I used it (about a month or so ago) it worked fine. I have no idea why it's not...
13 years ago 1
What are the start and end dates of pay periods?
Payroll asks me for the pay period dates when I create a paycheque. I never know what dates to use for this. I create a paycheques every two weeks but arent there certain guidelines as to when a pay...
13 years ago 1
Quick Books Admin password
Hi I have a file in Quickbooks 2006. I open it with a user id and password and it opens fine.I forgot the Admin password for this file. I installed Quickbooks 2007 recently and was upgrading the file...
13 years ago 2
Quickbooks Update Disk Utlilization
I recently updated from Quickbooks 2004 to Quickbooks 2007. Now I have over 300+ MBytes located in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIntuit, eventhough I installed Quickbooks on my E:...
13 years ago 1
I have just been blackmailed into another version of QB Pro (07) with 3 instead of 5 installs. So far spent 24 hours tring to write paychecks, found out the window was written with the wrong size to...
13 years ago 18
I cannot find a way of listing and getting a total for invoices between two dates in Quick Version 6.0. I am looking for the turnover for any period, not an aged report (which just shows outstanding...
13 years ago 1