401k Contributions and Budgeting (Quicken 2007)

I'm stumped with the below Quicken 2007 situation and would appreciate any insight.
- I am using Quicken 2007 - I have a Checking account and 401k Account setup - I have 401k contributions (mine and matching) as items in my budget. - I have a paycheck setup with the 401k contributions being moved from my Checking Account to my 401k Account on a recurring basis - Every paystub, I have to manually input the mutual fund purchases in my 401k account as they are not automatically downloadable.
Problem Description:
It appears that 401k contributions (mine and matching) are showing up as additional free cash flow at the bottom of my budget. I believe this is occurring because I do not have a budget item for the mutual fund purchases in my 401k.
If this is the source of the oversized free cash flow, how can I account for the mutual fund purchases in my Budget? And what category should I use?
Thanks very much for the help!
James E
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