Investment Account: XIn and Xout

I just finished the tedious task of manually entering the transactions for
one account back to Aug 2005.
At some point, the cash balance stopped updating.
When I printed a copy of the transactions, there were XIn and XOut
transactions listed.
In particular, there were some that directly offset the preceeding actual
I cannot see th eXIn and XIOUt on the transaction screen.
How do I get rid of the critters?
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Howard Kaikow
I managed to find out how to view the hidden transactions, but still cannot get rid of 3XOuts that pop up after 3 sell orders for mutual funds.
But I have two othe rsell transactions that do not cause an XOut.
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Howard Kaikow
Appears to have a corruption in Qucken.
I had previously tried all 3 misbehaving transactions, and re-entering, to no avail.
Well, I again deleted the critters.
THis time I entered one of the transactions differently, i.e., as a sell all shares, instead of specifying the numer of shares. This seems to have reset something, as the transaction was entered correctly.
And for the other two transactions, I was able to re-enter using the number of shares as before.
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Howard Kaikow

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