showing time history of numbers of mutual shares

2006 Quicken Premier H&B on WinXP.
I have some investment accounts which have incorrect numbers of mutual
shares, caused by a few years of lost history combined with 2 years of
online updates. While there would be several ways of fixing this I
want to simply see a time history report of the total shares Quicken
thinks the account has for each mutual fund. I can't figure out how
to generate such a report, anybody have some ideas?
For example, for investment account X, I'd like something like:
Fund YYY
Date Total No. of Shares
03/19/2001 104.231
11/29/2001 127.320
01/11/2002 134.349
etc. I don't mind if the report shows more info than above, but
that's all I need.
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Bob Fry
In Q06 select Reports-Investment Transactions then Customize = All Dates and clear all Securities except the one you want to see. Select the columns of data you want.
This could be placed into Excel to "massage" the data if you want.
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Eric Bloch

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