Charitable deduction at end of year

On December 31, 2010, I made some charitable contributions with a credit
card. Which of the following are deductible on my 2010 return?
1) Credit-card statement transaction date 12/31/2010 but posting date
2) Same as #1 but acknowledgement from charity dated 12/31/2010
3) Both posting and transaction date in 2011 but acknowledgement from
charity dated 12/31/2010
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I'd take them in 2010. (1) should produce an acknowledgment for 2010 from the charity. But even if not, you have the proof you did it in '10. (2) This is bulletproof. (3) This would result from a mail-in card, or similar. The charity just delayed their processing.
In 2009, I did my year end charity clicking on line. At one point, it triggered a fraud alert, which kind of made sense, no issue there. But one of the charities never cleared. In mid-jan I called, and gave them my card to re-enter. Their acknowledgment said Dec. This may be pushing it, but I had proof I tried to do the donation in December. (I also asked the charity why they didn't call me, you'd think $1000 is worth calling a repeat donor.) Joe
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