Downloading 1099-B Information

I use HR Block software. My investment advisors changed brokers this
year to Interactive Brokers. Last year, HR Block software did not have
a connection to download 1099-B to their software, like they did for
others brokers such as T.D. Ameritrade, Schwab, etc.
I don't believe Turbo Tax did either.
Anyone know if either TTax or HRB have an agreement with Interactive
Brokers to get 1099-B information downloads?
I hate to move to TTax if they do, but if neither does, I'll stay with HRB.
I've called HRB, but they were not helpful.
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Interactive Brokers is in the TurboTax list of import partners for importing 1099-B information.
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Bob Sandler
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Bob Sandler
I did contact Interactive Brokers via chat, and they sent me a list of forms they import into TurboTax. The 1099-B was included.
Interactive Brokers chat person did not see HRBlock as a partner, but directed me to send an email to their engineering/sales peolpe. I did, and here's what I got back in an email from them:
"Form 1099 will only be available in PDF format.
Form 8949 will be available in PDF, csv, or TXF(Turbo Tax) format.
Form availability dates:
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54&p=explain Please check with HRBlock if they can import TXF formatted data."
From this response, I'm not sure why they say that the 1099 will only be available in PDF format. Most brokerages have their forms available in PDF anyway, but for HRBlock, this is of no use. I think the answer for the 1099/HRBlock should have been NO, not available for download. I would have to manually enter data from a downloaded 1099 pdf into the HRBlock form.
Thanks for the reply. Pete
I have sent a note to HRBlock, but no response as of yet.
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Thanks, Bob.
I did contact Interactive Brokers and they verified what you sent to me.
I went to Office Depot today to purchase TurboTax (disc) Deluxe. This is the one that includes the State download. As I was looking at the comparisons between the Deluxe ($50) and the Premier ($90), I notice the the Premier said good for investors, while the Deluxe did not say this. But, I am not an heavy duty investor (my advisor handles this) and wonder if the Deluxe version will download the 1099-B. Do you use TurboTax? If so, and if the Deluxe version, will that version download the 1099=B. HRBlock with state is $45.
For anyone else that's reading my posts, I don't mean to make a big deal of this, and the difference in cost between TurboTax versions, and the HRBlock that I have been using for many years is not a factor in my buying decision. I'm not fond of changing software, and if I have to get TurboTax Premier to do the job, I may just stick with HRBlock and manually enter the 1099-B
Sincerely, Pete
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