Hope credit

My children get free tuition in the University of Maryland
System. They still have to pay fees. (And I mean they and
not we.) Does this arrangement adversely affect their Hope
Tax benefits?
Also what if my son goes part-time?

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Dick Adams
Caution! Read the entire TurboTax entry. If I read it correctly, it says that if your children claim the credit, you cannot claim them as dependents. And vice versa. I guess it means that you would have to pay the fees and take the credit. In that case, dependency is not an issue.
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William Brenner
If that's what IT says, then IT is wrong. The credit goes to who gets the exemption, not vice versa. -- David M. Woods, EA, ChFC, CLU Woods Financial Services Norwood, MA 02062
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David Woods, EA, ChFC, CLU

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