NY state estate taxes?

I find I am to be involved with the probate of someone who lived in NY
state and before I
speak with attorneys I would like some information. Although I
consider myself a rather
good researcher, I am very confused as to the NY state estate tax
laws. What I'm trying to find out is what is the dollar amount that
it would be necessary to pay tax to NY and at what percent.
I have found some sites, but none have the same information. Any
information or referenced websites will be appreciated. Thanks Liz
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I was executor of an estate a couple of years ago. I was annoyed that the cut off for estate taxes for NY did NOT follow the federal. For NY state the estate tax begins at 1 million dollars. See the following link for instructions:
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remember give onto Caesar what is Caesar's Good luck
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Just remember give onto Caesar what is Caesar's>
Thanks I'll give it a try
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