Old, very old, NY returns

My client's uncle died in 2013; research suggests that 2011-2013 returns were never filed.
Preliminary estimates show that no Federal return would have been due, but a NY (state and city) returns might have been due.
Should I suggest that my client file the returns? Would the returns be processed if filed? Under Federal law, there is generally no statue of limitations on unfiled returns. Same under NY law?
As a separate question, what address to put on the returns. NY will be confused if not in NY, but client lives in FL.
(Client contacted me to file (late) 2013-2017 returns for the estate, which I intend to do.)
Arthur L. Rubin, AFSP, CRTP
Brea, CA
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Arthur Rubin
The NY return has places for two addresses - a mailing address and a "permanent home address." Put the client's FL address in the space for mailing address. For the "permanent home address" put the uncle's address as of the end of the year you are filing for, even though someone else lives there now. This is what NY expects. They will not be confused. See "Taxpayer?s permanent home address" in the instructions for Form IT-201 (page 13 in the 2017 instructions).
Bob Sandler
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Bob Sandler

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