Philadelphia worker - NJ resident

What forms need to be filled out to calculate the tax for a NJ
resident that works in Philadelphia? What is the Philadelphia tax
rate and did it change during 2009?
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There is no Philadelphia wage tax return required unless wage tax was not withheld by the employer. If tax was not withheld, you'll need the 2009 "Application for an Individual Earnings (Wage) Tax Account Number" form, which can be downloaded at
The non-resident rate from 1/1/09 to 6/30/09 was 3.5%, from 7/1/09 to 12/31/09 was 3.4997%.
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More results of my internet browsing that you could've done for yourself, according to
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, thereis a FAQ-
Q. Does the City of Philadelphia have a personal income tax, similar to the state and federal personal income taxes? A. Philadelphia does not impose a personal income tax. There are business taxes if you are self-employed and there is a wage tax on compensation earned by non-residents working in Philadelphia and on residents of Philadelphia working anywhere. ***Normally, if wage tax was withheld from your compensation, you do not need to file any tax return for your earned income.*** Visit the "Plain Talk Tax Guide" section of this web site for a detailed explanation of the various taxes.
Note the section I highlighted between the ***; there probably is no form to file.
Remember to take a credit against your NJ income tax.
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