Bank statement entry for "CASH" cheques?

What appears on the bank statement when a cheque is made out to pay "CASH"?
Is it the cheque number or would it say "cash"?
(This is assuming the cheque is presented at the bank counter and cash received.)
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AFAIK (and I very rarely use cheques) the recipient/payee is not scanned in and added to the statement.
That is why filling in the cheque stub is important :-)
Dave R
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The only bank I've known who did that was when I had an account with Coutts & Co about 30 years ago. Their bank statements used to show the payee's name for each cheque issued. I assume someone must have painstakingly entered each one manually into their systems. This was long before the days of any kind of handwriting recognition systems.
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Chris Blunt

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