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!NEW! Indicia Systems (Indicia Trading Systems ( ) -----------------------------------------------------------------1.Advanced Get EOD v7.6 build 205 (including manual) 2.Advanced GET Real-Time for Tradestation2000 v1.3 Build 396 3.AIR Software's "Financial Trader for Windows" 4.ASCTrend Pro v3.03 (the latest! - 5/30/03) 5.BestChoice Software v4.20 6.Biocomp Profit 2003 Professional 7.Cynthia Kase Statware Systems for Tradestation2000i ( ) 8.Drummond Indicators + manual 9.Dynamic Trader Education Series 10.Dynamic Trader Trading Examples 11.Dynamic Trader v3.0 build 63 (user's guide included) 12.Dynamic Trader v4.0 build 78 EOD and RT for (the latest!) 13.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6 ( ) 14.Elliott Wave Analyser III v3.0.44 15.Elliott Wave v7.0 16.ErlangerQuote v2.16 17.Essex Option Pro v4.0 ( /) 18.Focal Point for Tradestation2000i ( ) 19.I-Master ( ) 20.Index Point 2003 ( ) 21.Insight Strategic Investment Trader + manual 22.Investor RT v7.4.5 (Esignal,BMI,DialData,DTN,InterQuote, Editions) - (NEW!) ( ) 23.Investor's Dream v1.99.1 - the latest! (unlimited license, real-time enabled) 24.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for Excel 25.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for TS2000 26.Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b 27.KWIK*POP for Metastock v8.0 ( ) 28.LifeStyle Trader v1.2.0 29.Little Big Horn system 30.MarketWarrior v3.0 (the latest!) 31.Mesa2002 v6.0 (incl. articles, seminars, tutorial) 32.Metastock plug-ins (more than 20mb - request detailed list) 33.MTPredictor ( ) 34.MurreyMath v1.7678 35.NATT 2000 Collection 36.Nebadown Trend Line Market Scanner v5.2 ( ) 37.Neuroshell DayTrader Professional v4.5 ( ) 38.Octane System v2.15 ( ) 39.Omnicom v5.01 40.Open Interest v3.1.2 41.OptionSimulator RT v3.0 42.Precision Trader v3.0 43.Professional Trade Advisor 5 (NEW!) 44.Profiles+ Professional v6.5 45.Qcollector for Qcharts v2.5.2 46.QCollector Pro for eSignal v1.0.1 47.RavenQuote v1.42 48.Rina Dynamic Zones 49.Rina Performance Suite 2000 50.Rina Portfolio Tracker Pro 51.Roy Kelly's Floor Traders Toolkit V 8.0 52.Roy Kelly's Money Maker 53.Safir-X Assistant for Expert Traders v3.4.0.1 54.Smart Downloader Plus v5.0 55.SunSpot Professional v1.0 56.The Collective v2.2.3 (all systems enabled) (the latest!) 57.The Woods Indicators 58.TradeSim v3.0.0 build 654 ( ) - (NEW!) 59.Trading Solutions v3.0 build 040916 - the latest! 60.Visual Trader ( ) 61.Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader v5.0 (including manual) 62.Wealth Lab Developer v3.0 build 7C (incl. Index Lab, Neuro Lab & Monte Carlo Lab add-ons) ( ) 63.WinWaves v1.3.25 (the latest!) 64.Wyckoff VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) v7.7.8 65. Metastock Professional 9.0 66. Vantage Point Intermarket Analysis Software v6.0 for Financials - ( ) 67. Vantage Point Intermarket Analysis Software v6.0 for Commodities - ( ) 68. Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75 ( ) (including manual) 69. AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.41 - (the latest!) 70. Cd with 'Technical analysis of stocks and commodities' v4.0 71. Deepinsight v9.5 - the latest! 72. Omega Research ProSuite2000i SP5 (build 822) Platinum Edition + good forever password 73. Omnitrader 2004 (Real-Time) 74. Bernie Mitchell's Fibonacci Cluster Locator Pro ( ) only 300$ FOR ALL TITLES PLUS SHIPPING all titles with passwords/unlimited licences shipping by tnt express, airmail to any part of the world! no zero length/infected filez! more than 100 titles of leading stock trading software. any orders welcome: 100% reliable customization of your software, removal of time limitations etc. reply-to: reply-to:
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