Children's bank accounts

Looked at children's savings accounts on
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and was very dissapointed with what's on offer - poor rates or undue restrictions. I know it's not fasionable to be saving nowadays, but I wanted to set up something that would enable a child to see how their savings can grow and eventually enable them to buy things that might initially seem out of reach, something my grandparents did for me as a child many decades ago.
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Andrew Gabriel

Interest rates are generally low right now.
We use accounts from the Nationwide (with limits on withdrawels) which have a better than average interest rate.
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I know what you's getting worse with every year that goes on. I notice some good children's ISA rates BUT the funds locked in till they a re 18 and the rates are variable ...probably downwards.
For this fiscal year I have chosen National Savings Children's Bond...5 yea rs at 2.5%. That will be ok until 2020 for £3000 to be stashed.
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