dissolved loan company?

Hi,I wonder if anyone out there can help me with a problem?Some years back we took out a second charge loan with a company that was dissolved/struck off in March 2013.Does this mean that the charge on our property,should we sell,is now invalid?I would be so grateful for any advice,thanks.
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Just because no-one is now asking you for repayment does not necessarily mean that you are in a good situation. You really do need to find someone whose authority to lift the charge will be accepted by Land Registry else selling or re-mortgaging the property could become complicated and/or delayed. Maybe some successor or receiver will accept a reduced payment from you to secure the discharge. If you have a family solicitor then I suggest you seek their advice.
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Anthony R. Gold
Did the loan company go through liquidation?
If there were assets such as your loan, I wouldn't have thought it would have been dissolved, and most unlikely to be struck off!
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