Gold coins - buying by mail order

Anyone got any experience of this. I see there's a firm in Blackpool called Chard
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who sell gold coins and seem quite reasonable. Anyone used them and are they reliable? I feel a bit hesitant sending off a £1000 cheque to a firm that I've never heard of.
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Richard C

Blimey, I get worried about buying a few DVDs in case they get nicked! Anyway, arent gold coins a terrible investment compared to other ways of buying it?
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Tumbleweed (Richard C) writed in news:
I have bought silver coins from Chard - very quick service, reliable in my experience.
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Mike Gayler

Looks like 1 ounce coins carry no less than a 5% premium. Not too bad compared to typical bid/ask spread on shares.
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Roland Watson

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