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Is anybody else finding it to be impossible to log onto their ICICI online account - been several days now, and I'm getting worried in view of newspaper articles regarding the Indian financial situation? Not another Iceland, one hopes?
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No problem for my account 2/9/13 @ 23:30 - the log in page is a bit slow but it comes up within 15 seconds.
Make sure that you are attempting top log in to the UK site and not one of their other sites/branches
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If you haven't logged on for 6 months the log-in is suspended. If this is the case, and to save you from having to phone a call centre in India and the 5/10 minutes of scripted crap, click on the forgotten password link on the log-in page you will find a "Unlock your User ID" link that will get you back in.
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Maybe some kind of temporary problem. I was able to log on quite normally just a couple of minutes ago.
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Chris Blunt
That's a good tip - tried it and my account has been unlocked. Went to log in with my ID (which must have been correct) and password and have twice failed, with warning that my next go is my last. Tried to get the password sent to me but I've either got my post code wrong (it can be one of two) or my DOB which I usually know.
I wonder if the two failed attempts clears with time or only with successful login.
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Does this bank offer anything interesting or better than big high street banks except their remittance service to accounts in the sub-continent?
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Anthony R. Gold

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