News about Velez Capital with James Droskowski and Charles Vaccaro

Exciting news for day traders! Along with James Droskoski and Charlie
Vaccaro at Velez Capital or VCM, is company founder Oliver Velez. Now
Oliver has been re-established as the CEO of Pristine Capital
Holdings. The entire article is available at
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About Velez Capital Management, LLC
Velez Capital Management, LLC (?VCM?) is a New York City based private
day trading group that currently employs 1000+ professionals to trade
its own account. VCM trains its highly skilled day traders via a very
comprehensive Trade for Life
TM Training Programs and
recruits existing day traders who have a proven track record and
several years of direct access day trading experience. VCM and its
founder initially back each trained day trader with $50,000 in buying
power and absorb all losses suffered by the trader, until
profitability is obtained. VCM?s top traders trade with as much as
$11,000,000 in buying power.
Velez Capital Management is rapidly becoming a major force on Wall
Street. Its monthly volume has exceeded 500 million shares and it was
one of the largest liquidity providers for NASDAQ on the NYSE when
rebate trading was in vogue. VCM is expanding its well-trained day
trading team to 3,000 worldwide over the next 2 years. The firm
currently has four offices around the globe, with three more day
trading facilities opening soon in Sao Paulo, Singapore, and London.
Growing a global nation of professional market players, all trading
one account, has been the goal and aspiration of VCM?s pioneering CEO
for well over a decade.
Management Team
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Oliver L. Velez - Chief Executive Officer
Charles Vaccaro ? President
Paul Lange - Vice President of Services
Malcolm Murray - Vice President of Trader Education
James Droskoski Jr. - Chief Information Officer
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