SIPP offering good rate for cash balances

I am looking for a SIPP provider that offers a better rate than my
current company for cash balances (I am bearish about shares at present
and so heavily in cash, so interest rates matter far more than dealing
charges or annual fee).
The "Vantage Sipp" from Hargreaves Lansdown seems to be offering 4.5% -
has anyone come across an even better rate, and has anyone any
experience of their efficiency?
John Geddes
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John Geddes
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I haven't got any rates to hand, but you dont need to use the SIPP provider's cash account, why not use any high interest account you want (subject to the deposit taker accepting Trustee and SIPP deposits)?
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john boyle
I believe Anglo Irish and Cater Allen are offering 4.8% and 4.7% respectively - although the former is a 2 month Fixed Term, IIRC.
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Doug Ramage

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