Using Credit Card To Rebuild Credit Score

Is there any difference between paying the balance in full by direct debit every month or paying it bit by bit over the month so the full balance is a lways paid off in full every month?
I'm guessing it's better to let the dd take the full amount as it's by the agreed method, at the agreed time and for the agreed amount.
Also, any reason why someone living month to month on payday loans, with a good salary but poor credit score should be approved for a barclaycard with £1000 limit but declined by Capital One, Aqua (also Capital One) and a f ew others? There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to lending these da ys. It's crazy to me.
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A human reviewing the account may be interested that you paid via DD or with small coins paid a few per day over a bank counter but it will make no difference to you credit report. The credit agency cares (i.e. it receives reports about) whether you are current - i.e. you pay the minimum required by your agreement - and what you overall indebtedness is.
Different lenders have different standards and different market goals. Maybe Barclaycard decided that its that its portfolio was now too conservative and so they have chosen to add more weak and riskier but potentially more profitable cardholders who are more likely to pay them interest and late payment fees. Such decisions are taken wholesale based on computer models and are quite impersonal.
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