Where to find the best selection of lifetime mortgages?

I'm looking into lifetime mortgages. I've spoken to three local IFA's and they typically come up with a selection of between two and six products for me to choose from.
How can I know if I am getting to see all the best deals available? Anyone offer any tips on finding the absolute best deal out there, looking at the max number of available lenders and schemes?
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Phil K
Try a different IFA and see what (s)he comes up with. Use financial websites suchs as
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Do Internet searches.
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In article , Mark writes
Well, he has tried 3.
Couldn't agree more, it was those that sorted out my best deal and another that I sorted for another. In the latter case I came up with a deal that blew the IFA's one out of the water, he knew about it but didn't mention it as it was only available as a direct deal.
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fred wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@y.z:
Thanks for the input, Fred. I couldn't find very much about different lifetime mortgages on moneysavingexpert.com. Can you give me any clues about how you found your good deal on there?
Regards, Phil
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Phil K

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