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I am looking to buy about 1000 Euros for a holiday in a couple of months.

Where do you guys and gals think is the best place to go for these??

I hear the post office has zero commission, is this good??.

Also is now a good time to buy or should I wait a few weeks.
Shame it isn't dollars?

Thanks for your time..

Re: Euros
M00ie said

Do it now if you ask me... but there again it might just be better to  

Its a disaster. This is not what we were expecting. Ferrari were not  
supposed to go this fast." - Bernie Ecclestone -

Re: Euros

The post office may have "zero commission", but it has a spread between
buying and selling prices, which is where they get their cut. I would use an
ATM on arrival to get some money and then top up as required during my stay.
You will get the middle rate at the date of debiting your account, with a
percentage added depending on your bank's policy. Nationwide BS are the
cheapest, if you bank or have a credit card with them.
Terry Harper  

Re: Euros

I bought some euros at the PO about six weeks ago (on account of it  
being a last minute journey and needed cash in hand for taxi etc., at  
other end) but the net cost of my RBS debit card ATM withdrawals whilst  
in France on the same day (including all charges etc) was less than the  
PO. As you say, 'zero commission' aint everything.
John Boyle

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