Can you Please Help me

This letter is to ask all of you for your support. My name is Bill and I am a quadrapoligic as a result of a MVA on Dec. 31, 1990. My life has been living hell ever since that day, as ICBC & our RCMP screwed up on
their investigations, so was never compensated for my injuries. I have 3 children that I have raised, and hope to be able to dance at their wedding. I really hope some day to have the opportunity to try to walk again and have done extensive research on my own to find a way. There are many Spinal Cord Clinics out there, but the treatments are very costly. I just found out about a new find in China that are getting excellent results and need some financial help in order to achieve this goal. I have been in touch with a patient that has the same injuries as myself, and did have the operation on his spine, and so far is able to stand at parallel bars and has movement below level of leision. This dream can only be achieved by your help, because my financial situation does not leave enough funds left over each month to save enough to accomplish this. For my trial trans at link is copy and paste :
And this the web in China doing stem cell oparations link is: /
This is not a scam i need help!
I need to come up with $30,000.00 US to pay for the operation and physio after. All I need is a small donation from everyone who reads this and my dream could be reality. Even price of a cup of coffee! thanks Please forward this on to everyone you know. Thank you ahead for your time and* support. Your donations can be sent to W. Dawes @ 9264 Hazel street, Chilliwack, BC V2P5N6 Canada or through paypal at
Step 1) Go to Step 2) Click sign up (regester your name, address, ect.) Step 3) Click send money Step 4)Sign in go to send money) Step 5)send money to Step 6)Visa, Master card,ect or bank
God bless you all, Bill
Ps. Please pass it on!
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