help me

plzzzzz can anyone help me i 'm egyptian and i 'm getting courses now
for the cpa but i don't ve any experience so is there any state that
doesn't require experience
thnx alot
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Several states allow one to be certified as an expert where expertise is absent:
State of confusion State of shock State of foolishness State of Al Gore State of political correctness State of insanity State of irrelevance Democratic Party etc., etc., etc.,
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A Nonny Moose
I believe California has a two tier license scheme. It amounts to the choice of an atest license (for those with apprenticeship) and a non-atest license (for those without apprenticeship). You can google the California Board of Accountantcy for the rules & regulations covering licensing and see if it meets your requirements.
I am pretty sure you will have to take up residency in California to get the license.
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Ron Todd

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