How popular are your stocks?

this is just my opinion
How popular and great is your stock? The more popular and the more money you put in the more reasons the scum in the markets can bet against you and you
lose,.. the markets don't have to go down for you to lose, just opposite your positions!!!!
Please read the whole long post and send it to many people.
I suggest don't play the markets its a set up and I say it based on the conclusions I left below: Do you see the same news stories on tv?

----- ,tx.politics Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 11:26 AM Subject: The US our Press Don't Talk about World Alert

Stocks go up after you get out. You end up saying I should have just stayed.. Its always that way . but if you desire to get back don' be surprised the stock stops going up again once your big money shows up yet again.. If You do decide to catch a wave or hype or stock tip chances are great your wave will break as soon as your big money shows up.almost guaranteed. Market makers just keep it down till you leave then bring it back up when your no longer in the stock .- Usually within a day or two with one big swing up ( usually when the least amount of investors who just got out are not there). and you say to yourself I should have just stayed in right? Who buys back so fast after you sell and make a loss Chances are its insiders or stocks reserved for maket makers even brokers. Then they can show the stock went up. and sell it back to vulnerable and only they make the profits.. and just start the process over and over. Insiders and money market peoplecapitalize and of course brokers like Scott Trade make out too be commissions. Don't ever

a buy order and within five seconds the price was 44. 80. I said to

put a stop order in its almost assured to be taken out . Never ever day trade, they know your going to pull the trigger fast so the best thing is to wait you out till you sell for a loss which is why most day traders lose.. The market is a set up now and ploy where human beings or market makers or brokers play against investors accept they can't lose. Its not how good the company is its how much of real money you and I invest ... there is to be played against!! . the human element is killing free exchange and yet no one cares. its like whistlin in the wind... . The truth that some people can legally win by manipulating the stock price is ignored !!!!!! They can keep your stock opposite the way you went for however long they want and believe me they can make news to rationalize it too. Who fixes this like this?MM insiders? commission sellers? Your guess, its built into the system. the investment sites will pump a play in one day and six months later talk how horrible the exact site they pumped a few months ago and this is really true. They say its because of changing conditions? Ha you know what causes changing conditions? YOOUR MONEY showing up to be played against Where does it say US stocks are all or nothing?The federal commerce agency recent decision ( I think the exact name alludes me ftc? )that allows Tv station owners to increase the concentration of ownership almost assures fewer and fewer different owners, and different perspectives of freedom of diverse viewpoints. .. which will stifle the freedom of speech and different view points.

violence and pollution is ignored in general elections and we have basically come to expect thousands of victims with more and more people studies to show the cost of harm from all this
. Money sites talk about hidden gems that go up usually without your knowledge, ( you know they show the stats of stocks you and your uncle never had and you just happened to MISS! and say if you only bought such and such time) , then they talk which ones to get in now,, rarely going up the same percentages if at all , but if you were to know which ones the most people put their money in I assure you the stock would stop going up that fast almost a dead certain bet...and be played against.. as the ..The ones that go up the most ...all just happen to fall beneath the radar, and go up when no one you knew was in it...till someone says .."TILL Wall Street discovered it" . They say get in before Wall Street Discovers it... Why woulda stock stop going up when wall street discovers it? I thought the more investment the more likely to go up? OOPS Its seriously a giant ponzi scheme.? Of course, now this is legal in the US as rich find more ways to rape people in the US. The pollution factor which kills people is ignored in this more and more links shows extra carbon dioxide and particulate pollution kill people. I have been saying that for years only recently has the links been made to show studies of such things yet millions of people are not told how dangerous the places they live and work harms them.. They would sooner talk about bad spinanch in Canada or out west then talk about real dangers currently happening in their own backyard. yet media can get away with it. I saw a study about depression in the Midwest. Our Kyw newsradio ran this story over and over again. Yet when I sent them a link to show here in our city we are the most depressed. they ignored it? Why because they can? They can really sell meds easier if they ignore the damage that is going on here or to not tell people why they need the meds. This is the meaness of the power of the media and society values that filter down to people. C O N T R O L and harm is more important then truth so help me god. Face it jobs are expected from poor policies. that are allowed to go on. The media would rather sell oil and kill their own population but then sell

you would know why they need to sell this all day to some of us and not tell you why you need these things and allow children and adults to be harmed at will and gov and industry know better.. Trust me its happening in certain areas., its the Gods truth. Its ok to choke and be ignored if tv news can sell you meds.instead of telling you the consequences from this air or

consolidation of news stations almost assures all these things I write about to continue .The federal commerce agency recent decision ( I think the exact name alludes me ftc maybe )that allows Tv station owners to increase the concentration of ownership almost assures fewer and fewer different owners, and less different perspectives of freedom of diverse viewpoints.=and objectivity. ..They often totally ignore the reality I write bout here. The violence in society is often ignored in general elections by politicians and national news and we have basically come to expect over 189,000 shootings against our family members withoutdoing anything different year after year. Whats amazing is the spin when

more still then most of the world but thats not even talked about ! Its amazing ! Why? Its a given 100,000 people in the US will be shot or killed each year, .30to 50 k will die from murder or suicide Why should the people inpower care, they live in
in gated communities.. If its not happening to them,, they don't

can't lose getting more rules to be able to take wealth from the working class with outrageous fees that are allowed to keep multiplying. I literally had a bill for something for 8 dollars go to
$800 after accumulated late fees and interest, Its legal robbery. If a store clerk could get away at selling something for such a profit

american the rich and oil companies and brokers get to do it legally and they get to do it daily . How in the hell can they then get more legislation to keep getting more ways to collect? Our congress gives em more ways to collect also . We have violence that is worse then many terrorist countries so anything is possible. and its totally ignored in our press

Big companies do away with more operators and use electronic answering devices that seldom work. If after 20 minutes an operator does come on they hang up on you if your not there after waiting so long talking to a machine that seldome recognizes what you just said. Why must people talk to a machine that seldom recognizes what the caller (us) is answering! Its amazing how many companies and gov. uses this to keep people on telephon foreever before someone live answers. Its not like people can't do the same job better because they can! Why hire people? Easier to poison them and rip them off like in stocks!
there are people who get commercial

differences in health is often based on the pollution factor. The peoplewho ate the same things, but live in polluted areas near crowded

with much traffic or near truck depots and or bus depots and or downwind from coal have much more illness then the people who live in clean air. but no one tells them these things. . there are people who can't afford food or health care, yet we bring millions more people here who often need help also!!! Everybody hates one another and only millionaire gets elected. Market makers have a license to steal from investors. You never ever day trade or have a stop loss order. its

while millions live in poverty.. so why you surprised?

is going to have to be in debt for decades to pay people who are going to need it to survive. stocks fixed, pollution damage ignored, global warming ignored,

even workers at welfare where some ( not all ) of he workers treat their

Kids and their families are often treated like dirt because they need

down to kids ( bullying) and even people who are suppose to help...and end up putting people at risk down? Do we have a system in place to help people at risk earlier? Or do we just let the kids join gangs and continue the violent spin off?
about stocks..
saw such set up and controls and

First of all we are country held hostage for oil and oil producers. I

it..Man Face it when the same stations use the same stories over and over and

pposite your big money!
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