Oil prices,Stock losses, Violence, Rich versus Poor, Hate, Values , Spread

Oil prices,Stock losses, Violence, Rich versus Poor, Hate, Values , Spread of Nukes, Global Warming, Nutrition,Race and Religious Violence. Whats that say about this world when the country that is suppose to care
most about doing the right things , the US, and freedom is now defauting to control and censureship and violence more rules for rich and big business? Do other places have it worse? Absolutely in fact the world is much more insane but that doesn't make what is happening here anybetter.The selling off of nuke secrets by the paks is inconceivable and this by a so called friend? This will utimately spell disaster for millions of people and the guy who did this is living in luxury. Please send this to all your relatives and friends ( even if they dont' talk to you anymore lol) My email: snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
I am going to try to shorten my post although its still going to be long. They talk about recession . You know how and when the recession will end in the markets? When the most people get out, thats when the stocks will go back up, Bank on it. if you can that is, cause stocks are ponzi schemes. I wonder why doing the right things often don't count anymore even in the US..Why around the world, people need to hate based on old stereotypes without rational compromise or determining who has what in terms of percentages of land and people or religion Because know that leaders and gov let bad things happen to keep control (Russia and China and Arab Govs) and democracy and freedom to diminsh. (US) I wonder why things go haywire and over and over again its because leaders and governments refuse to do what is necessary to assure the common good of people.Even in bad times the rich do very well and control serves its purpose.In the US its often who is set up for pain pollution violence or Big business ripoffs in oil and credit cards etc. In the US my complaints center about the pain and violence coming about because people don't have jobs, because people who are our leaders ignore complaints, like illness from more and more pollution or more and more days without good air. , because the rules for the rich keep growing at the expense of doing what is right and the poor.Because more and more, you have to be rich to get elected to office or get a question answered about the cost of inflation or fear of violence or losses in the markets. Business is good when fair, its bad and contributes to recession when its unfair.Right now the rules to gouge consumers from utlities , our dependence on oil, and big business interest rates and their influence is not fair

real conspiracies. I at least told you and I am not happy having to tell you but someone does. The things going on in America is not all good . So here goes, I am sorry if it sounds too long and drawn out. I seriously believe everything I write about with all my heart.
There are many conspiracies in the US based on power and control. One can say power and control influences all societies in the positive and negative. One needs to have very powerful allies ( armies often enought) to attain power. How to maintain power and really promote freedom for everyone with equal opportunities for everyone based on our Constitution is the US way or was. If I am wrong I am sure to hear about it. In the rest of the world , there is no guarantees of freedoms and fairness and this is what makes or made the US great. Now I am afraid, the freedom to control and abuse power has been mandated by the way our elected politicians been elected to power, basically by allot of money. If you need allot of money to come to power your not going to represent all people fairly and while some people can get elected thru hard work and little money most people can't . Politicias need to be rich usually to be elected and so if you need to be rich or get special interests to support you, power and government representation is not for the average people its for the rich that need special rules in order often to do the wrong things and maintain power and thats what has been happening in our policies. Big business has been allowed to corrupt our policies. Big business doesn't have to be bad but when you can't maintain power unless you pay someone else off to influence special legislation , the idea for and by the people is trashed in difference to who has the most power. Why has this been allowed to happened and what are the ramifications? News corporations and tv news has been consolidated by fewer and fewer of the same companies and people. The things that need to be examined are swept under the rug so special interest and advertisers who of course have been consoldiating for long time can only get their messages out if only because they have more money and at the worse because the peoople who own the stations might have a tendency to air only certain view points Now here are some of the consequences I see but can't fully prove.We will soon cease to be a democracy or republic with equal representation to all if we have not already lost all that.Here are some consequences. People who can't afford access are seldom heard complaining and are forgotten about even if they number in millions. People who can afford to complain but are the victims of these policies can be ignored because after all big companies can reach more people by paid access . Many people around me complain about limited access and censureship now from our local abc channel six website where the supposidly have message boards and from phillyblog where I routinely am censured. Yahoo use to have free message boards where you could see the meanspirited intention of people who don't trust , much of it misplaced towards hating all people equally for whatever reason. It was a place though at least to hear and show good reason to rationalize things if you could filter out the expressions of frustrations.Yahoo message boards which were national at least showed how frustrated real people are about everyday life. I at least try to show why I am . Its a real great mix if you can maintain greatness and freedom of all and everyone is given equal opportunity but its simply not happening anymore. We live in an informational age so there are many contradictions going on now about what is really happening and what is allowed to happen.
Pollution and global warming where people are being harmed and not told en mass. Why? Our dependence on dirty energy, diesel and oil and coal has harmed millions of people. People say its always been worse, but yes now we know more of the consequences and the changes while happening need to happen faster to reverse global warming and keep people from being harmed from pollution. News and tv of course can keep quiet about the damages in order to collect payment from drug companies and asthma and nebulizer medication companies instead of telling people why and if they are being harmed. Every day in this life I am made to breathe moderate or worse particulate pollution I have trouble breathing. I believe the only fact left that hasn't been proving conclusively is if MODERATE doesn't mean in reality harmful. I have trouble believing our government doesn't know of this damage and can't do more to stop it instead of making more rules for the companies that emit it to allow it to continue at least to the year 2020 or 2025 . Why do I have to then search for studies to show harm from pollution and be the only one to put some of the links together to show cause and effect. Are people going to see my links or believe me over their government or leaders? Of course not, yet that is what I am saying is happening . My air filter turns black in 29 days and this is what people who get moderate pollution face and of course even more ominous is also increasing illness much moret then people who get clean air too. My contention is and please remember this for your families, that people are being adversely harmed by breathing pollution the closer they live and work to polluted and congest streets, malls, bus depots and truck depots and in states and cities with few days of good air and or with most pollution compared to people with good air . There is a huge descrepency in health and lost savings that can be measured if they want to . One can though fill in the pieces with the links that I have from pollution damage, that more or less shows harm in areas that have been tested for pollution and its affects. Realize because of big business and our energy companies who are often very rich, and influential all this is not packaged together as being a major concern for danger from news and business. Please remember your city doesn't have to get the most pollution for you to be at risk because studies suggest and I am here to verify that, by just breathing moderate pollution can be harmful as in particulate pollution. Why this comparision of health based on pollution is not being done or compared is one way not to inform people of their probable harm from this. Yet the gov does put out the measurement of this pollution and other sites judge the quality of air in different places. Whats sad is even when one knows of the dangers some people can't afford to move , There are already tens of thousands homeless and basically thats the only way I could afford to move to clean air places. I will provide the links to some of the dangers after this. Now I will try to talk about big business and evolution of the stock market which I believe causes many if not most average investors to lose To cut to the chase, big companies have more ways to rape you because of legislation that allows them to charge you interest if you don't pay your credit card bills . I payed one bill on time every month and I still eventually got a bill for 39 dollars for being one day late so help me God . Of course I sent the bill days before the due date but eventually that don't spell profits so they can claim they didn't get it in time and ruin your credit by lying and making you pay for that. In addition with credit and penalites one can be gouged by huge interest rates and penalty fees. Oil prices and the dependency of such has contributed to more health bills due to pollution and of course more expenses then most anything in our lives combined., instead of mandating with alternatives sooner, and at least protecting the people at most at risk we still have done precious little to bring or mandate changes sooner. The free market system don't work and is not protecting children or the planet from harm because big business has unfair advantage to not bring forth these things sooner. Now the evolution of the stock market and the possible manipulation who have unfair advantage . Has this trading system always been this unfair ? I dont know, this much I do know,

In fact I bet you, you will lose much more

This is not the first time the good stocks that were popular took a dive that way remember early 2000?

. Business is good, if its fair, its horrible when Big

people.There are many other differences between rich and poor that needs to be addressed.

or asking for studies to show harm correlated to amounts of pollution people get. Or by comparing amounts of time people live and work near pollution or without clean air

between polluted and non polluted population . Instead all the tv stations and major news has done is talk about global warming to some mild degree ignoring harm pollution brings.To see the links to damage ignored is like a lesson of ignoring the reasons for anything that makes sense. or that actually happened. The epa is simply not protecting people and even after being sued the leaders still default over and over again to allowing polluters more time to hurt people in different rulings that bypass protecting kids and babies and adults at risk. I claim there is more illness, more death , more money spent to treat conditions, more dependence on harm and less good sleeping less good learning and less productivity if measuring harm from pollution was really studied in detail. At the end you will see my links to pollution damage ignored by the news many times at the expense of those who can't move or are vulnerable with additional control allowing the news and tv stations to instead of telling people who are exposed, ,target advertise meds to treat the condition these people get after exposed and ignore the reasons why they get the condition. The incredible set up of hurting people and not protecting people because they can. is now a control and value system in the US.This somehow is good enough to produce jobs though. If people were to see how seasons disappear practically in little less then 40 years is to see the damage global warming and possibly more pollution brings. They talk about one or two degrees swing in temperatures. In my area its produced seasons that use to get snow to seasons that seldom get snow. It produces averages that are often five or six degrees warmer and maybe even more harmful if the number of people who need asthma and respiratory drugs are factored into a study they dont' seem to want to do.
>>> The big money from coal and utilities has made the changes slow because >>> any changes that doesn't immediately do much more to stop the pollution >>> harming people who get the greatest percent of days without clean air and >>> or greater amounts of polluted air isn't enough >>> Some places more affected >>> actually have less rules to follow in order to allow pollution of the air >>> and ocean to continue. You hear soo many studies about cancer or heart disease, rarely are >>> the studies based on pollution numbers although they could if they >>> wanted >>> to show harm.Yet they could . in more and more places the percentage of days without good air keeps growing .They don't often measure that stat,or the ramficiations But I did and its very harmful. Humans need good air to sustain good quality of life. instead many in policy say defaulting to you that your simply in area that is not the most polluted so stop complaining. Fortunately I saw where this way of thinking ignores that many people get sick simply because of the percentage of hours and days and months and years are simply lived not in good air. People start gettins sick faster without good air and thats the part that they use to hide and can't anymroe since I posted that stat. Now business in the US and stocks

go down, especially if it allot of money you invested and you bought it to go up ( . But it can happen the reverse if you put allot of money on the short end.

SECONDS IT was $11.54,, dropped 13 cents in the five seconds it took to write out my sell order. after I sold the stock was selling for $11.68, again.seconds later Do I believe my sell order had resulted in worse then real time prices? OF COURSE this is normal for some people because they can get away with it, is it legal? Why should it be? . then I bought a stock in real time that was going for approx$ 44.39. I made

buy ? no but I said to myself its remotely possible the market price is honest but as soon as I looked at real time after I bougght the price was $44: 38 again .. someone raised it close to fifty cents after I filled in the sell form ( just a coinciidence? LOL) and brought it down fifty cents seconds later. They can say I didn't have to buy but I can say is it legal to raise the price to whatever they can get after you fill out a market order/ maybe it is maybe its not, its surely not ethical!

go up the most ...all just happen to

nebulizers and asthma drugs all day and if some of you only knew pollution levels realitive to harm, , or percentage of days we don't get clean

write news stations or politiicans .. I Have almost zero answers from no responses. ya..Thats the mentality of leaders knowing your value to them. and thats the , the meaness of society now. Where harming you can be ignored Of course

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