I am interviewing with a sneaker company for an

"Enda" wrote
Don't wear the competitor's shoes to the interview.
Other than that, it's a manufacturing job. The position description may clue you in to what you'll be doing. Cost accounting could be one, payroll accounting, or sales tax, or regular accounting for the company, If you know what position you're interviewing for, bone up a little on that topic. Brush up on things like the various methods off accounting for inventory, the UNICAP rules (section 263a), etc. Don't plan to WOW!!! them, as it probably won't work. Just know a little bit about some of the goings on for the position you are applying for.
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Paul Thomas, CPA
Yes, as Paul says, whatever you do, don't plan to "wow" them. Just be confident that you know the basics of accounting well enough to learn what they need you to do, assuming they put at least some of the same effort into you as you do into them. Try to get a feel for what the training is like and if your boss is a nice person. That does matter.
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