Urgent Pls help

Urgent Pls help
I have a C corp which I closed down last year. I mailed in the extension to the IRS on 4/15/09.
The extension arrived at the IRS after the 15th so they will not give me an extension.
They sent me a copy of the form 7004 with a postmark from them on it indicating postmarked 4/15/09 and received on4/17/09.
I thought as long as it was postmarked 4/15/09 it was fine.
Can anyone pls let me know if i am wrong or correct.
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Ava - the due date depends on the fiscal year-end of your corporation. If your corporation had a year end of December 31, the due date for the return/extension was March 15, not April 15. Therefore it was late. So, just send in your return as soon as you can to avoid additional interest/penalties.
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