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Reverse mortgages now almost a must?
They have some boring coverage of how abuse (of the nature no reader of this newsgroup would attempt) is being reduced by new rules. But they say using it as a line of credit seems almost a must, even...
3 years ago 1
capital losses vs HC premium tax credit
Bad years for stocks give you tax flexibility by realizing gains minus-ed out by varying losses. At least assuming the tax code isn't insane, such as form 8962 (health care premium credit) appears to ...
4 years ago 4
Lower Cost Corporate Trustee?
I am still fuzzy on some of the issues, though, like who is custodian of the stocks and bonds in the trust, and whether the financial advisor has some special fee for "partnering" with the corporate t...
4 years ago
A tool for comparing mutual funds and etfs
An experimental tool I created is available: The user needs to specify the symbol of one mutual fund/etf to receive similarly behaving other financial instruments. In case simil...
8 years ago 4
Life insurance vs. 529 plan
I've just had a fascinating e-mail. A grandparent had mentioned to a friend (who happens to sell insurance) that he was thinking about starting up a 529 for his recently born grandchild, as he'd don...
8 years ago 5
Rules change on 529 plans on FAFSA applications?
I've heard it stated for several years (perhaps erroneously) that 529 plans (both regular and 529/UTMA) don't get included on the FAFSA finaid application. However, I was just looking at the 2011-201...
9 years ago 4
what happens to non-invested 401k funds when you leave an employer?
Say you have $100k assets in a 401k with only 50% vested. What happens to the remaining 50% when you switch employers?
10 years ago 3
Life Insurance question
My wife will retire soon. She can take her pension in several ways depending on if the term is for her life only, her life with a minimum number of years, her life and then 50% to me as a survivor. or...
10 years ago 5
Upside down options
I am upside down due to the market even though I went in with 20% down. I pay regularily and even pay down principle on a regular basis. Besides something catastrophic, this trend will continue ind...
11 years ago 4
Economics of retaining an older car, versus a buying a new car
My wife and I are planner, saver types; we also had good fortune of being born to families who stressed hard work and education and as a result, we both have good careers, and have become financially ...
11 years ago 23
Annuity vs Managed Payout
Have about $400K in 401k, diversified, but just sitting there since retirement 2 yrs ago. A broker/advisor is pushing me toward AVIVA "IncomePlus" Fixed Deferred annuity- Indexed fund w/Lifetime Pa...
11 years ago 7
Can a non-resident alien invest in a 529 plan
Hi: I am in U.S on a work visa and would like to invest for my child's college through ESA & 529 plan. I researched a few 529 plans (florida, nevada, georgia) but the eligibility in them is for U.S ci...
12 years ago 1
Zvi Bodie's asset allocation
The recent thread on retirement allocation theory (not that that's such an unusual topic here) made me take notice when I read this:
12 years ago 51
401k rolled into a Roth IRA or traditional ira?
I will soon have to make a decision on my 401k plan.My company was sold to a private firm and I need to roll my 401k into a IRA or even another 401k.My question is this.....are there any restrictions ...
12 years ago 4
What happens to paid dividends in Fidelity IRA account?
I was thinking about buying a couple of dividend paying stocks for my Fidelity IRA account, but I am wondering what happens when the dividends are paid. Are the dividends paid into my CMA, or is a ch...
12 years ago 3
home insurance payout ratio
"Insurance Hoax" by David Dietz and Darrell Preston critical of home insurers. The article says that Allstate paid only 58% of home insurance premium income as claims in 2006, compared to 79% in 1996....
12 years ago 9
what if the mutual fund company goes belly up
hi, have a basic question here. Let's say I'm investing my money in Fund ABC by company XYZ thru ETrade. what's going to happen to my money if company XYZ goes out of business? thanks s o
12 years ago 19
Rental Property Refinance Tax Deduction
Dear All: I have been bothered with question for a while, and would appreciate any advise. I own a rental property (mortgaged) with some equity (~40K) in it. When I file taxes, I use the interest pai...
13 years ago 2
Potential loophole in the banking system?
Can someone please give me some intelligent feedback on this website: This website claims you can get up to 10% on your Money Market Savings account. I do not believe this to be '...
13 years ago 6
Mailing a stock certificate to broker?
It's for 70 shares of IBM, so it's worth about $6400. Do I just send it certified mail? Or am I supposed to first class and insure it for, say, 5% of the value? Also, where and how am I supposed ...
13 years ago 4