Dividend Info for Huaneng Power Int. (HNP)

Does anyone know when HNP will pay its annual dividend and what the amount will
I have not been able to locate HNP's annual dividend amount nor date on the
internet in advance of the payable date ever since I bought a position in HNP in
2005. Yesterday, wanting more transparency on something that I think is so basic
as dividend dates, and HNP having risen well above the price at which I bought
it, I sold it via Fidelity.
Logging into my Fidelity account, the site showed the transaction and also,
within the transaction report and kind of strangely, displayed an ex-dividend
date of June 18 (or thereabouts; can't remember at the moment). One can go to
the "quote" section for HNP at the Fidelity site, and it still shows last year's
ex-dividend and payable dates. I telephoned Fidelity and asked if Fidelity's
staff knew the amount of the dividend. I was braced for seller's remorse and
still am. The rep went to another department yada with more expertise in
dividends. This department confirmed the ex dividend date and that the dividend
was estimated to be between 21 and 31 cents. I asked if he was sure this was
U.S. cents. He said he was. I remain doubtful. Except for 2009, the annual
dividend has been over $1 per share since 2005.
The dividend machinations along with the foreign tax are enough that I remain
pleased with the sale. Still, for education purposes I would welcome whatever
insight others have on this.
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They expect to pay $0.262725 on 6/18/2012 See
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FWIW, you sold at close to the 52 week high
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bo peep
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Thank you. :-)
I set a selling price of $28.00, good until cancelled, the day before yesterday, and it sold.
HNP's price rose over 10% in the last four weeks. I keep wondering whether I missed something and the price will keep rising in the coming weeks or there is some special dividend in the works.
Thanks again.
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