The New York Times has an article about a financial planning site, Mint.com, that was recently acquired by Intuit, the maker of Quicken. What experiences do people have with Mint.com?
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"Mint.com makes its money by helping identify savings opportunities for users. For example, Mint might suggest: ?You?ve got $20,000 in your Wells Fargo savings account earning 0.10 percent interest. You could make 1.9 percent at Ally Bank, and that?s worth $360 over the next year.? We find better interest rates on checking, savings and CDs; lower interest rates on your credit cards, or more rewards if you pay them off in full; investment and I.R.A. options based on your unique financial profile, and a new auto insurance savings engine that lets you know how much above or below the average for your ZIP code you?re paying for coverage. Every offer is unique to your financial situation, so two different users may see very different suggestions. If you sign up for a new account via Mint.com, we get paid a referral fee."
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I use Mint.com daily, mainly as a way to categorize spending. I haven't dove into the other tools yet (budgeting, etc.) and I ignore any offers they have given me, but it is a great tool to easily see where your money goes. I had some problems early on with duplicated transactions, but after reporting it, they fixed it within a month or two.
If you need a basic personal finance expense/income tracking tool, this free one is tough to beat.
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I like mint.com because I can look at all my accounts, including transactions, from a single place, much like a hub.
Most of their offers are based on their not knowing the interest I actually don't pay (since I carry no balances) on credit cards or checking or savings interest.
Other than that, it works pretty well.
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I think it's be useful to have a single place to check all of one's finances, but what worries me with services like mint.com is the security aspect. If one's account is hacked, then the hacker gets access to all of the financial information in one place.
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