Scaling of tax form printouts?

Sometimes you have to send in a paper taxform, even it it has been
created online (pdf or whatever). Does anyone have troubles with
inability to print the junk they put on the bitter edges? I see it
perfectly well in a print preview screen, but whatever pc or printer I
try seems to omit bits of the bottom and side.
With the bureaucratic convention of putting id numbers on extreme
edges, how do I grapple with this? I shrink the zoom factor and
sometimes flip the orientation to grapple with any asymmetry. But is
this a no-no?... I see my state tax forms forbidding sending in form
photocopies because they say it alters the magnification.
For some federal forms the instructions don't mention that, but say
you must show all printed portions and lines. So could I assume I can
shrink it by 3 or 4%? A 96% image noticably skews the alignments, so I
do a 97% and a flip. Is this something I should be worrying about?
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Set the margins to zero, or whatever minimum value your print driver will allow. Then, click on properties/preferences of the printer, click on "advanced", and click on "shrink to fit" or "fit to paper size". Thats as good as its going to get with your particular printer and print driver.
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bo peep
Thanks, I did as much as I could with crude controls but no joy. On reflection, maybe we don't need to be intimidated by scanning machine requirements. There must be a bunch of failures due to bad handwriting anyway, and some human intervention.
I do want to point out new federal forms which have tick boxes on the bottom eighth of an inch, and some id symbol right on extreme side. Why do they do this even when the form is half blank space?! I can't rediscover their bullying demands about printing it exactly as-is, but will send my distorted "best can do" version.
P.S. Finally sold my last stock mutual fund with the usual pitfall that seems so little appreciated here. Put in the sell order about an hour before market close, then the Dow immediately fell off a cliff. Overnight the market of course skyrocketed, so my buy back in to stocks had to be done at a punishing higher price. So long to mutual stock funds, and their rigid timing requirements.
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