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How do you calc remaining length of mortgage with extra principal payments?
What I'm trying to do, is figure out the remaining length of a mortgage if double principal payments are made. Anyone know the formula or an excel spread sheet for this? Thanks! mortgage I don't know...
15 years ago 5
Yield-to-call calculator?
I'm looking over the preferreds eligible for the 15% tax rate at Is there an easy to use yield to call calculator somewhere? Thanks. Best regards, Bob zxcvbob writes: Just use a yield-to-maturity...
15 years ago 1
2 jobs, 2 401k's?
HI, I have a full time job that offers 401k but lately they told us they may reduce their matching contribution or even eliminate any matching. I also have a part time job and their 401k match is...
15 years ago 1
Give Cottage Share to Daughters
Hello-- My wife and I are attempting to clear out some of our assets that we don't need or use. Here's one we'd like to give away (in the family): My wife is one of three joint owners of a lakeside...
15 years ago 4
Hey Elle (re: ETDS's
Last week I mentioned exchange traded debt securities as a way to goose the interest yield on ones cash reserves? You warned that that was a bad idea. Since then, a senior unsecuried bond I've been...
15 years ago 2
From the Moderators: Fast Approval
To enhance the conversation here and because of the increased volume of posts recently, the Moderators have adopted a "fast approval" procedure for regular posters. This "fast approval" will be...
15 years ago
401K Asset allocation Queswtion
Hello all, I've recently started taken an interest in investments and such. For now, I'm only contributing to my 401K (10% with 4% employer matching). I have a couple of questions. First, is it...
15 years ago 14
What Would You Do With This Portfolio?
I am looking for some constructive criticism of my current portfolio. I am mid-40's, wife is on disability and have a son in college. We have large medical bills and will not be able to add much to...
15 years ago 4
Longish: IRA Consolidation/Asset Allocation Questions
I'm within 3 years of the date that I will retire (at age 55) from a federal job. Upon retirement, I will start receiving a good pension - about 60% of present salary. I have contributed the max to...
15 years ago 6
IRS to restrict transfers from 403(b) plans
Below is the beginning of the story. The pending IRS rule change looks bad for the 6.8 million (according to the WSJ) 403(b) participants to me -- perhaps they should mobilize against it through...
15 years ago 6
Donoghue Letter
Wondering if there are any opinions about Bill Donoghue and his money management style?
15 years ago
Financial Advisor question
Hello, We are using a fee-based financial planner and she increased her fees without telling us. I'm wondering that besides being a questionable practice, are there any SEC or similar requirements for...
15 years ago 3
IRA dilema
A couple in the zero federal tax bracket. Always funded IRA's to the max. Getting older. IRA's are traditional. In order to fund IRA's going forward taxable investments would have to be sold to fund...
15 years ago 11
How to devise a long-term investment plan?
I want to formulate a long-term investment plan. One that considers my age, risk, goals, lifestyle, asset allocation, things I may not see coming, etc.. How did you do this? Is this grasping at the...
15 years ago 15
Social Security Reform
If letting individuals invest in the stock market (through private accounts) is such a great idea, what's wrong with the government doing it on behalf of the people through central management of...
15 years ago 2