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iShares cuts expenses, creates new "core" funds
I'm just curious to hear what the advisors (and others, especially current iShare shareholders) have to say about the changes Blackrock has announced. Summary: MER cuts on six funds: IVV drops from...
8 years ago 2
NY Times: High Speed Trading
I am trying to make sense of some statements in today's NY Times on this. The article appears at "Profits from high-speed trading in American stocks are on track to be, at most, $1.25 billion this...
8 years ago 6
I had 100 Nicor Shares. How much should I receive from AGL?
Thank you John Mann
8 years ago
AMT Patch proposed for 2012, 2013
"The Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Bill of 2012 (Sen 3521 ) would patch the alternative minimum tax (AMT) for the 2012 and 2013 tax years for an estimated revenue loss of $132.2 billion." Full...
8 years ago 1
Probate for non US citizen / non US resident
Must the executor for the estate of a non US citizen / non US resident, who was granted probate authority in the country where the deceased resided, file for probate in the US in order to collect US...
8 years ago 1
On Inheriting an IRA
I'd like to offer an article I wrote last month, titled ?Let?s Kill All the Lawyers? summary - Grandpa passes away and leaves granddaughter a $300K IRA, she is properly listed on IRA as beneficiary....
8 years ago 13
stock screening criteria
This seems to be good times for stock picking... quite a few give reliable out performance. Anyone care to share stock screening criteria? I'm especially looking for convenient numbers that can knock...
8 years ago 4
Malkiel: Buy Stocks, not Bonds
My blog entry about this: Malkiel has been speaking up a lot lately, and with much the same message ? repeated several times over the last few months (at least since an op-ed back in April).  While...
8 years ago
WSJ: College Debt Hits Well-Off
Higher borrowing for college worthwhile article.  Like long-term care, the difficult burdens are on the middle and upper-middle class.  The rich can simply afford to pay and the poor are more...
8 years ago
NYTimes - What Some Investors Are Doing In Anticipation Of Tax Increase
NYTimes ? What some investors Are Doing To Anticipate Tax Increase Nice article in NYTimes by Paul Sullivan.  He talks about some of the specific tax increases that are on their way to happening...
8 years ago 1
NYTimes: Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement
NYTimes Opinion: Our Ridiculous Approach To Retirement Worth reading.  Prof. GHILARDUCCI has been saying for years that the 401(k) system has failed and her arguments are sound.  While abolishing...
8 years ago 4
Investors' 10 most common mistakes
A really great "top 10" list by Barry Ritholtz: Investors' 10 most common mistakes seriously recommend reading the whole article - it's not long - but here's the summary: 1. High fees are a drag on...
8 years ago 3
Real interest rates - and Retirement in a Yield-Free World
Saw this very nice article and thought it was worth bringing out for discussion: particular, the chart of real interest rates is, well, frightening, and the implications for both fixed income and...
8 years ago
Roth IRA question
In these unstable, hard economic times, I would like to expand my liquid assets. Having a six month emergency fund doesn't make me feel particularlly comfortable anymore. I have a Roth IRA, but I am...
8 years ago 3
jettison the car & insurance?
What if you opt out of car ownership and insurance in favor of a very infrequent car rental... can rental car insurance alone really cover the max costs that a predatory lawyer might target you for?...
8 years ago 11