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Dividend Info for Huaneng Power Int. (HNP)
Does anyone know when HNP will pay its annual dividend and what the amount will be? I have not been able to locate HNP's annual dividend amount nor date on the internet in advance of the payable date...
8 years ago 2
Credit Card Compromised
In 2009, 2011, and now 2012, the sole credit card I used was compromised with an inappropriate charge as shown on my credit card's transactions web site. This time a subscription charge of $19.95 from...
8 years ago 21
Taxable account
My wife and I have a savings account with some money set aside for a rainy day. While waiting for that day, I'd like for it to be working for us. I thought about CDs but was hoping for something to...
8 years ago 7
Facebook Thread
Reading about Facebook as a business the last few months has been interesting. In the last week in particular, it seems about 99% of the public comments on the New York Times and Washington Post sites...
8 years ago 1
Recommended Financial Planning Programs for retirement withdrawal phase
Anyone have any recommendations for software to use to best plan and review withdrawal phase plans? I was playing with the "Optimal Retirment Planner" at I found the results to be interesting and how...
8 years ago
Roth Rollovers, taxes, expenses
I find myself wondering how to best evaluate rollovers to a roth IRA. Although there may be tax advantages, I don't see any funds or ETFs that can beat my company 401K choices when it comes to fees /...
8 years ago 10
Luskin makes a case for a 30% stock market correction
, he argues that if Congress does nothing, then between the expiration of the 15% dividends (and cap-gains) taxes, the increasing rates on marginal income due to other expirations of Bush tax cuts,...
8 years ago 1
failed broker firms
what have been the pro rata recovery percentages from failed broker firms such as Lehman, before SIPC coverage kicked in?
8 years ago
Allocation (taxable and non-taxable accounts)
I have been thinking more about allocation from an entire asset point of view. Now that I am closer to retirement age and unemployed, I am trying to do a better job looking at allocation then I had...
8 years ago 3
BusinessWeek: How to Pay No Taxes: 10 Strategies Used by the Rich
BusinessWeek recently posted an interesting article discussing some strategies used by the ultra wealthy to avoid paying taxes.  Some of these techniques hold lessons which are useful for more than...
8 years ago 5
Taxes are done - what's the next issue?
Just tossing ideas around for discussion. Now that taxes are done (for most), and the deadline for 2011 IRA contributions has passed, what's coming up for people? Naturally, there's a whole list of...
8 years ago 1
Reinvesting distributions becomes even dumber
I have always considered it bad to reinvest distributions in mutual funds, and new tax rules will make it a worse nightmare: þedburner&utm_mediumþed&utm_campaignþ(this link may become broken up and...
8 years ago 4
Best tool to see my entire financial picture?
I am still here running Microsoft Money sunset. It no longer automatically imports data from financial institutions. Any recommendations for tools that do not require a lot of manual entry? Should I...
8 years ago 3
Ally Bank CD - 1yr vs 5yr (w/penalty)
rates As the first CD is coming due in June, was wondering about a comment that I read. Instead of going with the 1yr @ 1.0%, go with the 5yr @ 1.74% and forfeit the 60day penalty interest if we need...
8 years ago 2
Dependent-care FSA vs tax credit
[copied from ] Morningstar article on dependent-care FSA vs tax credit A must-read for anyone with kids in daycare, with a nanny, etc. particular, there are some great examples of how much less is...
8 years ago 2