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Roth Conversion 5-year Rule
I have a Roth IRA that contains regular contributions, conversions from both deductible and non-deductible IRA contributions (including a 401k rollover) and earnings. I was recently pondering how much...
4 years ago 2
Is there a penalty to exchange Bellsout stock now?
Do I have to pay a per cent age of the the exchange value for Bellsouth stock if I exchange it on 6/1/2015? Will I get all the past dividends ? Who do I call? Here's the page from ATT Investor Relatio...
5 years ago 1
Lower Cost Corporate Trustee?
I am still fuzzy on some of the issues, though, like who is custodian of the stocks and bonds in the trust, and whether the financial advisor has some special fee for "partnering" with the corporate t...
5 years ago
Least Expensive Corporate Trustee
Can anyone recommend a financial institution for its inexpensive fees for being a Co-Trustee? US Bank has been the corporate trustee for this trust. Their service is poor; a legal notice requiring a l...
5 years ago 2
Social Security basics -- and WEP and GPO
Wrote this about a month ago and thought folks here might find it helpful: Debunks a few myths about Social Security up front, then demonstrates how basic benefits are computed. (Folks are often shock...
5 years ago 1
Rental House: Keep or Sell?
My long-term tenant is finally moving out of my rental house and I am again faced with the decision of keeping it or selling it. I have decided to turn to the fine minds of MIFP for advice. Here are t...
5 years ago 8
sponsered IRA. She invested $15,600 +/- at the time and was charged a 5 1/4% commision so her actual investment was $14,800 +/-. In mid-2010, we rolled her IRA into a brokerage sponsered on which was ...
5 years ago 5
RE: IRA Value
Yje wife is 73 and I am 69. She has an IRA that was strated by one of the companies she worked for before she retired @ 62. It rolled over @$15,500 and the mutual fund took 5 1/2% or about $14,800. It...
5 years ago 1
Only silver plan rebates OOP, unaffordable care act
To cover a scenario where your income falls off a cliff next year - whether loss of job or big capital losses - it sounds like it may be important to be covered by an extortionate SILVER health plan A...
5 years ago 1
Trust Book Suggestion Explaining Options For A Trust For Grandson ?
Hello, Am pushing 80 now, and have a 4 yr old Grandson. Sure helps in keeping one young ! Am thinking that I would like to set up some kind of Trust for him. Know nothing about Trusts, and will certai...
5 years ago 2
The Rise of the Robo-Advisors
Feedback, as always, very much welcome. --David Financial Planning versus the Robo-Advisors Posted by David on October 31, 2014 ? Leave a Comment It seems that every day there's another headline or ar...
5 years ago
Asset Placement into Various Account Types
I want to establish the following asset allocation: 15% domestic large cap stock etf 15% domestic small cap stock etf 10% international large cap stock etf 10% international small cap stock etf 10% em...
5 years ago 3
FDIC and NCUA insurance limits for trust accounts
A living trust document specifies 15 beneficiaries, with a first group of three beneficiaries getting a specific distribution of $xx each (relatively small in the grand scheme) and a second group of 1...
5 years ago 2
How quickly should capital gains be realized in a taxable account?
Suppose one has $300,000 in taxable gains consisting of stock held a long time. Realizing the entire $300,000 would result in a large tax bill and higher tax prepayments in the current and the followi...
5 years ago 9
More than you wanted to know about non-transparent ETFs
A very informative article on non-transparent ETF. (Not that I personally see the point of them).
5 years ago