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Roth Conversion 5-year Rule
I have a Roth IRA that contains regular contributions, conversions from both deductible and non-deductible IRA contributions (including a 401k rollover) and earnings. I was recently pondering how much...
5 years ago 2
Is there a penalty to exchange Bellsout stock now?
Do I have to pay a per cent age of the the exchange value for Bellsouth stock if I exchange it on 6/1/2015? Will I get all the past dividends ? Who do I call? Here's the page from ATT Investor...
5 years ago 1
Lower Cost Corporate Trustee?
I have googled and found discussion of this company: From my reading,if the individual Trustee selects as the corporate trustee then this corporate trustee does not itself identify stocks to recommend...
5 years ago
Least Expensive Corporate Trustee
Can anyone recommend a financial institution for its inexpensive fees for being a Co-Trustee? US Bank has been the corporate trustee for this trust. Their service is poor; a legal notice requiring a...
5 years ago 2
Social Security basics -- and WEP and GPO
Wrote this about a month ago and thought folks here might find it helpful: Debunks a few myths about Social Security up front, then demonstrates how basic benefits are computed. (Folks are often...
5 years ago 1
Rental House: Keep or Sell?
My long-term tenant is finally moving out of my rental house and I am again faced with the decision of keeping it or selling it. I have decided to turn to the fine minds of MIFP for advice. Here are...
5 years ago 8
My wife, when she retiured in 2006, rolled over her IRA into a bank sponsered IRA. She invested $15,600 +/- at the time and was charged a 5 1/4% commision so her actual investment was $14,800 +/-. In...
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RE: IRA Value
Yje wife is 73 and I am 69. She has an IRA that was strated by one of the companies she worked for before she retired @ 62. It rolled over @$15,500 and the mutual fund took 5 1/2% or about $14,800. It...
5 years ago 1
Only silver plan rebates OOP, unaffordable care act
To cover a scenario where your income falls off a cliff next year - whether loss of job or big capital losses - it sounds like it may be important to be covered by an extortionate SILVER health plan...
5 years ago 1
Trust Book Suggestion Explaining Options For A Trust For Grandson ?
Hello, Am pushing 80 now, and have a 4 yr old Grandson. Sure helps in keeping one young ! Am thinking that I would like to set up some kind of Trust for him. Know nothing about Trusts, and will...
6 years ago 2
The Rise of the Robo-Advisors
Feedback, as always, very much welcome. --David Financial Planning versus the Robo-Advisors Posted by David on October 31, 2014 ? Leave a Comment It seems that every day there's another headline or...
6 years ago
Asset Placement into Various Account Types
I want to establish the following asset allocation: 15% domestic large cap stock etf 15% domestic small cap stock etf 10% international large cap stock etf 10% international small cap stock etf 10%...
6 years ago 3
FDIC and NCUA insurance limits for trust accounts
A living trust document specifies 15 beneficiaries, with a first group of three beneficiaries getting a specific distribution of $xx each (relatively small in the grand scheme) and a second group of...
6 years ago 2
How quickly should capital gains be realized in a taxable account?
Suppose one has $300,000 in taxable gains consisting of stock held a long time. Realizing the entire $300,000 would result in a large tax bill and higher tax prepayments in the current and the...
6 years ago 9
More than you wanted to know about non-transparent ETFs
A very informative article on non-transparent ETF. (Not that I personally see the point of them).
6 years ago