Bye bye all

I need to vent a little here, sorry.
After trying PT for the 1st quarter of the year, I'm giving up on it. IMHO this is just plain bad software (PT Complete 2006).
Compared to other low-cost accounting packages, it's too hard to interface with the program. Digging up past invoices, POs, it's all just too inconvenient.
Computer programs are supposed to make life easier. PT fails big time in that regard. What on earth were the program designers thinking?
As for me, I'm going back to MYOB. Sure it has its problems too (don't they all!) but its waaaay more convenient to do just about everything. I have yet to find anything that PT does better.
So, thank you all for posting your helpful suggestions in the past.
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Sorry to see you go (not that I've been around much lately :^)
I know when I first switched to Peachtree a good 10 years ago, I was coming from using QuickBooks and we were forced into switching - we had grown and needed a multi-user environment, and at the time Peachtree had it and QuickBooks didn't. I spent a solid year becoming familiar with the product, and eventually came to appreciate the way Peachtree handled things.
But in the end, we all have to pick the package that is right for our business. Case-in-point is that my current company is using QuickBooks, even though I'm a huge fan of Peachtree and firmly believe it is the superior product. The deciding factor was that we have a key LOB app that interfaces directly with QB, but not Peachtree. So as much I as love Peachtree (and despise QB), we couldn't justify spending several hours each week invoicing from the LOB to Peachtree when we could literally accomplish the same task in about 15 minutes with the QB integration.
Hope all goes well :^)
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Chad A. Gross [SBS-MVP]

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