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Hi all.
I have a customer with a problem about which I lack experience that I trust may be a question of interest to this group.
He can have PT 2004 installed on a Vista box networked to a WinXP file server, but he hasn't been able to have PT 2004 installed on a WinXP box networked to a Vista file server.
What is it that he may not be doing correctly?
Alternatively, could this be one of the generic shortcomings of Vista WinXP networking.
Can the solution be found within this link
formatting link
His narrative
Sat evening : after having tested the installation on my home network (xp), headed to the office to install on the vista machine, thinking it was a done deal. Took me more than an hour of stubbornness to succeed. I started the installation 5 times, kept giving me error messages about an help.file, like a clockwork every 40 secs or so. It would then go through the 100% of the installation and then just hang there. I was about to give up, when on the last try I decided not to unselect the sample company and tutorial etc. on the first screen. It allowed the installation to continue after completion of the main program and complete.
Sun morning : move the company folders to the vista machine, everything looked fine
Mon afternoon : After the vista computer was integrated to the network, made the datapath on the xp pro station to point to the vista machine company files directory. Peachtree would not open, instead It kept giving an error (on writing to the status.dat file), permissions were completely open, so we cannot figure out why. We ended up having the company directory on the xppro pc, and the vista peachtree to point to that directory. Everything looks fine until now. If you have any idea on how to correct for the problem, please let me know, because I'd much rather have my company directory on the vista pc. ______________________________________________________________________
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