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Wondering if anyone has paid/charged to upgrade to new version? Mine was 2005 to Quantum. This includes server and workstation install along with conversion of 5 companys. Spend about 5 hours.
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yes, we all (should) pay to upgrade, but only about every 2 years; and then to get new features (like the bank stmt download), and to avoid having to call support with an 'obsolete', not-supported version.
Do you mean pay a Ptree consultant to do the upgrade? I am a consultant myself, so consider it 'insurance' in case anything goes wrong. But, you can deliver your own baby, if not afraid of risks. And being without accounting data for a few weeks is not as bad a consequence as my analogy might imply. for most people.
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Just helped 2 clients to upgrade - sounds like you could expect a cost of approx $400 in consulting PLUS cost of software PLUS 5 hours of downtime at your staff time.
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